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Closed Access item Integrated archaeozoological research of shell middens: new insights into hunter-gatherer-fisher coastal exploitation in Tierra del Fuego

Authors:Colonese, André Carlo
Camarós, Edgard
Verdún, Ester
Estévez Escalera, Jordi
Giralt, Santiago
Rejas, Marta
Keywords:Beagle Channel, Hunter-Gatherer-Fisher, Oxygen isotopes, Nacella magellanica exploitation, Seasonality
Issue Date:2011
Citation:The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology, 6 (2) : 235-254.
Abstract:Shells of Nacella magellanica are abundant in archaeological shell middens distributed along the Beagle Channel. In this study we analyzed the osigen isotopic composition of shells of this species to obtain information on its seasonal exploitation patterns by bunter-gatberer-fisher groups in this region during the nineteenth century. Oxygen isotopic data from shells recovered from Lanashuata and from some ocupationsc of Túnel VII (both contact sites) indicate that N. magellanicawas gathered in different seasons. Our data agree with fauna-derived seasonal reconstructions, and collectively these data provide more detatled economic scenarios. Comprehensive results confirm that in the nineteenth century. Yamana people continuousty occupied the coast of the Beagle Channel by means of short-lived campsites.
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