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Open Access item On elementary extensions in Fuzzy Predicate Logics

Authors:Dellunde, Pilar
Esteva, Francesc
Keywords:Equality-free language, Fuzzy predicate logic, Model theory, Elementary extensions, Elementary equivalence
Issue Date:2010
Citation:IPMU 2010
Abstract:Our work is a contribution to the model-theoretic study of equality-free fuzzy predicate logics. We give a characterization of ele- mentary equivalence in fuzzy predicate logics using elementary exten- sions and introduce an strengthening of this notion, the so-called strong elementary equivalence. Using the method of diagrams developed in [5] and elementary extensions we present a counterexample to Conjectures 1 and 2 of [8].
Description:10 páginas.-- Comunicación presentada a la International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU) celebrada en Dortmund (Alemania) del 28 de Junio al 2 de Julio de 2010.
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