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Título : Magnetron device and method for the uniform erosion of a target using such a device
Otros títulos: Dispositivo magnetrón y procedimiento de erosión uniforme de un blanco empleando dicho dispositivo
Autor : Briones Fernández-Pola, Fernando, Fernández-Martínez, Iván
Fecha de publicación : 17-Feb-2011
Resumen: [ES] El dispositivo incorpora una disposición particular de unos imanes (4) que generan un campo magnético que permite una erosión prácticamente uniforme de un cátodo o blanco (2), de modo que se consigue un aprovechamiento casi completo del material del mismo. El dispositivo magnetrón comprende
[EN] The invention relates to a device comprising a specific arrangement of magnets (4) that generate a magnetic field enabling a practically uniform erosion of a cathode or target (2), in such a way that the material thereof is almost fully used. The magnetron device comprises the target (2) fixed to a metallic plate (3) behind which magnets (4) are fixed to a magnetic plate (5). The magnets (4) are arranged according to a periodical two-dimensional network on a magnetic plate (5) that can be moved parallel to the target (2) along one of the axes of the network, between a frrst position and a second position separated by half of the parameter of the network, in such a way that areas of high plasma concentration generated in the frrst position correspond to areas of low plasma concentration in the second position and vice versa.
Citación : WO2011018544 A2
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