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Open Access item Desviación del Optimo Porcentual (DOP): Nuevo índice para la interpretación del análisis vegetal

Authors:Montañés García, Luis
Heras Cobo, Luis
Sanz Encinas, Manuel
Keywords:Análisis, Diagnóstico foliar, Interpretación, DOP
Issue Date:1991
Citation:An. Estac. Exp. Aula Dei, v. 20(1991), n. 3-4:93-107
Abstract:A number of different diagnosis methodologies have been proposed in the past for the interpretation of plant analysis data. In this paper, a new index (DOP: Deviation from Optimum Percentage) is introduced as a plant nutrition diagnosis tool. The DOP index provides information on the nutritional status both under a quantitative (concentration) and qualitative (balance) viewpoints. For each analysed nutrient the DOP index is calculated by a simple mathematical expression as (Cx100)/Cref)-100; where (C) is the nutrient concentration in the sample to be studied, and (Cref) is the nutrient concentration considered as optimum, both values given on a dry matter basis. The optimal nutritive status for one nutrient or for a nutrient data set is defined by a DOP equal to zero. The DOP index makes possible to know the limitation order among a set of nutrients analyzed. Furthermore, negative and positive DOP indexes will be originated from a defect or an excess, respectively, of the nutrient being studied. The DOP index can be potentially applied for the diagnosis of the nutritive status of any plant species.
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