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Closed Access item Patterns of the macroinvertebrate distribution in the Llobregat river Basin (NE-Spain)

Authors:González, G.
Millet, X.
Prat, N.
Puig, Mariàngels
Keywords:Aquatic insects, Water pollution effects, Macroinvertebrates, Spatial distribution, Species composition, Llobregat River, Spain, Streams, Rivers, Ecological distribution, Basin
Issue Date:1984
Publisher:University of Waikato
Citation:Verh. Inter. Verin. Limnology 22(4) : 2081-2086 (1984)
Abstract:Patterns of macroinvertebrate (mainly insect) distributions in the Llobregat River drainage (northeastern Spain) showed that there were five groups (mountain stream species, stream species, small stream species, riverine species, and special distributions). Sampling was conducted at 74 sites, which were visited in September and December 1979 and April and August 1980. The mountain species group had a reduced distribution, with high percentage abundances in the upper reaches. The stream species group had a distribution throughout the entire upper basin, with the highest percentage values in the Llobregat main channel. The small stream group was distributed in all the lateral small channels of the basin, with the highest percentage values in the small streams; the only difference separating this group from the stream species was the lower order of streams it occupied. The riverine species had the widest distribution observed, and were found either in lateral small streams or in the main channel, although the highest percentage values were found in the lower reaches of the main channel. Special distributions included some species that did not fit the other patterns. These included species that appeared to be restricted due to salinity, occurrence in springs, or for no apparent reason. Generally, the five groups showed successively greater overlap proceeding from the restricted distribution of the upper reaches toward the wider distributions of the lower zones. This reflects increasing uniformity of habitat in the downstream direction, which is produced by the hierarchical structure of the river basin and the pollution of the main channel. (Rochester-IVI)
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