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Closed Access item Spatial and temporal distribution and abundance of European hake, Merluccius merluccius, eggs and larvae in the Catalan coast (NW Mediterranean)

Authors:Olivar, M. Pilar
Quílez-Badía, Gemma
Emelianov, Mikhail
Keywords:Merluccius merluccius, Hake eggs, Hake larvae, Distribution patterns, NW Mediterranean
Issue Date:Feb-2003
Citation:Fisheries Research 60 (1-2):321-331 (2003)
Abstract:Plankton hauls were conducted on five surveys from November 1998 to November 1999 to study the spatial distribution of eggs and larvae of European hake off Catalonia (NW Mediterranean Sea). Also CTD casts to record hydrographic parameters were carried out on a closely spaced station grid. Merluccius merluccius eggs and larvae appeared mainly in late spring, summer and autumn surveys and were very scarce in winter. Strong differences in terms of egg and larval densities were observed between the two November surveys, which could be attributed to the anomalous hydrographic situation during November 1998. M. merluccius egg and larvae were mainly distributed over the continental shelf, with peak abundances between the 100m isobath and the edge of the shelf. On the evidence of larval size frequency distributions in the different sampling sectors and the closely overlapping distribution patterns for the eggs and the adult spawning stock, drifting of hake eggs and larvae was not a major factor. The larval distribution extended only slightly further offshore than the egg distribution. Using the hydrographic information and the larval distribution data, an attempt was made to relate the different seasonal productivity levels over the spawning period and the distribution of the larvae.
Description:11 pages,4 figures, 2 tables
Publisher version (URL):http://10.1016/S0165-7836(02)00139-X
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