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Título : Multimeric complexes formed by DNA-binding proteins of low sequence specificity
Autor : Serrano, Manuel, Salas, Margarita, Hermoso, José Miguel
Fecha de publicación : 1993
Citación : Trends in Biochemical Sciences Volume 18(6): 202-206 (1993)
Resumen: Some proteins bind to double-stranded DNA with low sequence specificity, forming regular multimeric complexes that extend over large regions of DNA, strongly distorting its conformation. Formation of these complexes at particular DNA sites usually depends on the structural ability of the DNA to follow the path imposed by the protein array. These complexes are found in botg prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms and participate in processes such as DNA replication, transcription and packaging.
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ISSN: 0968-0004
ISMN : 10.1016/0968-0004(93)90187-R
Citación : Trends in Biochemical Sciences Volume 18(6): 202-206 (1993)
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