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Open Access item Óptimos nutricionales en melocotonero

Authors:Montañés García, Luis
Sanz Encinas, Manuel
Gómez, V.
Heras Cobo, Luis
Keywords:Óptimos, Nutrición, Melocotonero
Issue Date:1990
Publisher:CSIC - Estación Experimental de Aula Dei (EEAD)
Citation:An. Estac. Exp. Aula Dei, v. 20 (1990), n. 1-2: 7-13.
Abstract:The aim of this work was to define the optimal nutritional status for a late cultivar of peach (Prunus persica L. Bastch. c.v. "Calanda"), which is the most representative of the Bajo Aragon area. We analyzed the mineral content of leaf tissue samples from 180 individual trees growing in the area of study. Also, production was measured individually from the 180 trees. From computer analysis of the data, we obtained the following optima: 3.31% N, 0.16% P, 2.51% K, 2.09% Ca, 0.82% Mg; N+P+K+Ca+Mg=8.89, N+P+K=5.98, K+Ca+Mg=5.42; N:P:K:Ca:Mg, 37:2:29:23:9; N:P:K, 54:3:43; K:Ca:Mg, 47:38:15.
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