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Título : Retention of organic compounds in a humic acid from lignite
Autor : Río Andrade, José Carlos del, González-Vila, Francisco Javier, Martín Martínez, Francisco
Palabras clave : Lignite
Humic acids
Fatty acids
Hydrophobic compounds
Fecha de publicación : 1989
Citación : Science of the Total Environment 81/82: 373-380 (1989)
Resumen: A lignite humic acid was found to retain a variety of hydrophobic compounds which could be removed by repeated extraction with hexane and chloroform and analyzed by capillary GC and GC-MS. While in the hexane extracts only series of n- and branched alkanes were found, the subsequent extraction with chloroform releases different types of compounds such as saturated, unsaturated, cyclic and branched fatty acids, long chain dicarboxylic acids, long chain w-hydroxyacids and n-alkanols, as well as dehydrophytol and the isoprenoid C18 ketone as individual components. Results on the possible sources and retention mechanisms of these compounds are discussed.
Descripción : 8 pages, 3 figures, 20 references. Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiologfa, C.S.I.C., P.O. Box. 1052, 41080-Sevilla, Spain
ISSN: 0048-9697
Citación : Science of the Total Environment 81/82: 373-380 (1989)
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