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Título : Structural characteristics and geochemical significance of humic acids isolated from three Spanish lignite deposits
Autor : González-Vila, Francisco Javier, Martín Martínez, Francisco, Río Andrade, José Carlos del, Fründ, R.
Palabras clave : Humic acids
CuO oxidation
13C-NMR spectroscopy
Fecha de publicación : 1992
Editor: Elsevier
Resumen: Three Spanish lignites of similar low maturity level taken from different deposits and their humic acid (HA) fractions have been characterized by chemical and spectroscopic methods. Some remarkable differences were found in the HA contents, as well as in the distribution of humic and fulvic fractions among the parent lignites. These differences, however, are not reflected by spectral or chemical distinguishing features. The results suggest that ligninderived materials contributed to the formation of the lignite deposits.
Descripción : a) Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología, C.S.I.C., P.O. Box 1052, 41080-Seville, Spain b) lnstitut für Biophysik und physikalische Biochemie, Universitiit Regensburg, Postfach 397. D-8400 Regensburg, Germany.
Citación : Science of the Total Environment 117/118: 335-343 (1992)
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