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Closed Access item Effects of internal deletions on the priming activity of the phage ø29 terminal protein

Authors:Zaballos, Ángel
Lázaro, José M.
Méndez, E.
Mellado, Rafael P.
Salas, Margarita
Keywords:Recombinant DNA, Phage lambda PL promoter, Protein p3-dAMP complex
Issue Date:30-Nov-1989
Citation:Gene 83(2): 33-40 (1989)
Abstract:A series of internal deletions of gene 3, coding for the phage φ29 DNA terminal protein, have been constructed and characterized. In addition, a substitution mutant in the sequence corresponding to amino acids (aa) 49–51 was obtained. The priming activity of the substitution mutant protein, m the formation of the protein p3-dAMP initiation complex, was drastically reduced suggesting that some of the aa present at position 49–51 are essential for p3 function. Deletions of 8 to 33 aa, from aa residue 48 towards the N terminus of the substitution mutant, further decreased the priming activity of the protein. The activity of deletion mutants lacking 15 or 21 aa from residue 57 towards the C terminus, and also containing a point mutation at position 56, was greatly reduced, and no activity was seen when 24 aa were lacking.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0378-1119(89)90104-2
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