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Closed Access item Initiation of phage φ29 DNA replication by mutants with deletions at the carboxyl end of the terminal protein

Authors:Zaballos, Ángel
Salas, Margarita
Mellado, Rafael P.
Keywords:Recombinant DNA, Phage lambda PL promoter, Protein p3-dAMP complex
Issue Date:1986
Citation:Gene 43(1-2): 103-110 (1986)
Abstract:Series of deletions at the C end of p3, the phage φ29 DNA terminal protein (TP), have been constructed and characterized. Measurements of the activity of those deletion mutants in the formation of the p3-dAMP initiation complex in vitro indicate the need of an intact C-end for the normal TP primer function in DNA replication. It appears that the region at the C-end between aa 240 and 262 of p3, or part of it, might be essential for the normal TP function.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0378-1119(86)90013-2
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