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Open Access item From "Databases in QC 2010, ZCAM, Sep 2010" onwards: a brief history of Quixote

Authors:Estrada, Jorge
Echenique, Pablo
Keywords:Quixote, data management, quantum chemistry, institutional repositories
Issue Date:29-Aug-2011
Abstract:This talk comments the steps that led to the Quixote project, with an emphasis on the "Databases in Quantum Chemistry 2010" ZCAM workshop. It also summarizes the history of the Quixote project and shows its collaborative way of functioning. The talk finishes with an overview of the Quixote architecture.
Description:This talk was given on August 25, 2011, at the meeting "Debate session on STM research data management", at the ZCAM, in Zaragoza, Spain. See http://www.grandir.com/EN/debatesessionSTM/ for more details.
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