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openAccessPFHN2014-SanzPenella.pdf.jpg2014Impact of ¿-Amylase During Breadmaking on In Vitro Kinetics of Starch Hydrolysis and Glycaemic Index of Enriched Bread with BranSanz Penella, Juan Mario; Laparra, José Moisés; Haros, MonikaArtículo
openAccessJCS-2014Wronkowska.pdf.jpg2014Wet-milling of buckwheat with hull and dehulled - The properties of the obtained starch fractionWronkowska, M.; Haros, MonikaArtículo
openAccessEFRT-2014-GarciaMantrana.pdf.jpg2014Application of phytases from bifidobacteria in the development of cereal-based products with amaranthGarcía Mantrana, Izaskun; Monedero, Vicente; Haros, MonikaArtículo
openAccessLWT-2013-SanzPenella.pdf.jpg2013Effect of whole amaranth flour on bread properties and nutritive valueSanz Penella, Juan Mario; Wronkowska, M.; Soral-Smietana, M.; Haros, MonikaArtículo
openAccess.JAM-2013-Markiewicz.pdf.jpg2013Diet shapes the ability of human intestinal microbiota to degrade phytate - in vitro studiesMarkiewicz, L. H.; Honke, J.; Haros, Monika; Swiatecka, D.; Wróblewska, B.Artículo
openAccessEFRT-2013-IglesiasPuig.pdf.jpg2013Evaluation of performance of dough and bread incorporating chia (Salvia hispanica L.)Iglesias Puig, Esther; Haros, MonikaArtículo
openAccessFBT-2013-Haros.pdf.jpg2013Effect of Starch Substitution by Buckwheat Flour on Gluten-Free Bread QualityWronkowska, M.; Haros, Monika; Soral-Smietana, M.Artículo
openAccessCeballosAlcantarilla-RSCAdvances-2015.pdf.jpg2015Rational design of a fluopyram hapten and preparation of bioconjugates and antibodies for immunoanalysisCeballos Alcantarilla, E.; Agulló, Consuelo; Abad Fuentes, Antonio; Abad Somovilla, Antonio; Mercader, Josep VicentArtículo
openAccessJCS-2016-Renzetti.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2015Role of enzymes in improving the functionality of proteins in non-wheat dough systemsRenzetti, Stefano; Rosell, Cristina M.Artículo
openAccessLWT59 2014.pdf.jpg2014Influence of acidification on dough viscoelasticity of gluten-free rice starch-based dough matrices enriched with exogenous proteinRonda, Felicidad; Villanueva, Marina; Collar, ConchaArtículo
openAccessJCS64 2015.pdf.jpg2015Suitability of tef varieties in mixed wheat flour bread matrices: A physico-chemical and nutritional approachRonda, Felicidad; Abebe, Workineh; Pere Quirce, Sandra; Collar, ConchaArtículo
openAccessFSTI 21 2015.pdf.jpg2015Gluten-free dough-making of specialty breads: Significance of blended starches, flours and additives on dough behaviourCollar, Concha; Conte, Paola; Fadda, Costantino; Piga, AntonioArtículo
openAccessFABT 7 2014.pdf.jpg2014Value Added of Resistant Starch Maize-Based Matrices in Breadmaking: Nutritional and Functional AssessmentCollar, Concha; Balestra, Federica; Ancarani, DeniseArtículo
openAccessEFRT240 2015.pdf.jpg2015Acidification of protein-enriched rice starch doughs: effects on breadmakingVillanueva, Marina; Mauro, Raul R.; Collar, Concha; Ronda, FelicidadArtículo
openAccessCP113 2014.pdf.jpg2014Impact of ancient cereals, pseudocereals and legumes on starch hydrolysis and antiradical activity of technologically viable blended breadsCollar, Concha; Jiménez, Teresa; Conte, Paola; Fadda, CostantinoArtículo
openAccessCP 122 2015.pdf.jpg2015Significance of thermal transitions on starch digestibility and firming kinetics of restricted water mixed flour bread matricesCollar, Concha; Jiménez, Teresa; Conte, Paola; Piga, AntonioArtículo
openAccessCP 115 2015.pdf.jpg2015Impact of variety type and particle size distribution on starch enzymatic hydrolysis and functional properties of tef floursAbebe, Workineh; Collar, Concha; Ronda, FelicidadArtículo
openAccesspone.2015-Polaina.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2015Identification and Structural Analysis of Amino Acid Substitutions that Increase the Stability and Activity of Aspergillus niger Glucose OxidaseMarín Navarro, Julia; Roupain, Nicole; Talens Perales, David; Polaina, JulioArtículo
embargoedAccessLWT-2015-Esteve_DigitalCSIC.pdf.jpg2015Site-heterologous haptens and competitive monoclonal antibody-based immunoassays for pyrimethanil residue analysis in foodstuffsEsteve Turrillas, Francesc Albert; Mercader Badia, Josep Vicent; Agulló, Consuelo; Abad Somovilla, Antonio; Abad Fuentes, AntonioArtículo
embargoedAccessFOODCHEM-2015-Esteve_DigitalCSIC.pdf.jpg2015Monoclonal antibody-based immunoassays for cyprodinil residue analysis in QuEChERS-based fruit extractsEsteve Turrillas, Francesc Albert; Abad Somovilla, Antonio; Quiñones Reyes, G.; Agulló, Consuelo; Mercader Badia, Josep Vicent; Abad Fuentes, AntonioArtículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 411
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