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openAccess25-Nov-2020High-Quality Gluten-Free Sponge Cakes Without Sucrose: Inulin-Type Fructans as Sugar AlternativesKrupa‐Kozak, Urszula; Drabińska, Natalia; Rosell, Cristina M.  ; Piłat, Beata; Starowicz, Małgorzata; Jeliński, Tomasz; Szmatowicz, Beataartículo
embargoedAccess24-Nov-2020Interaction of dough acidity and microalga level on bread quality and antioxidant propertiesGarzón, Raquel ; Skendia, Adriana; Lazo-Velez, Marco Antonio; Papageorgiou, Maria; Rosell, Cristina M.  artículo
openAccess16-Nov-2020Lipoteichoic acid depletion in Lactobacillus impacts cell morphology and stress response but does not abolish mercury surface bindingAlcántara, Cristina ; Crespo, Álvaro; Solís, C.L.S.; Devesa, Vicenta  ; Vélez, Dinoraz ; Monedero, Vicente ; Zúñiga, Manuel artículo
openAccess17-Nov-2020Sphingolipids and Inositol Phosphates Regulate the Tau Protein Phosphorylation Status in Humanized YeastRández, Francisca; Bojunga, Lino; Estruch, Francisco; Winderickx, Joris; Del Poeta, Maurizio; Prieto, José A.artículo
embargoedAccess20-Nov-2020Use of flour from cormels of Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott and Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott to develop pastes foods: Physico-chemical, functional and nutritional characterizationCalle, Jehannara; Benavent Gil, Yaiza; Rosell, Cristina M.  artículo
embargoedAccess7-Sep-2020Impact of high-pressure processing on the stability and bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds in Clementine mandarin juice and its cytoprotective effect on Caco-2 cellsCilla, Antonio; Rodrigo, María Jesús ; Ancos, Begoña de  ; Sánchez-Moreno, Concepción  ; Cano, M. Pilar  ; Zacarías, Lorenzo  ; Barberá, Reyes; Alegria, Amparoartículo
embargoedAccessCerealChem2020-Garzon.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2020Rapid assessment of starch pasting using a rapid force analyzerGarzón, Raquel ; Rosell, Cristina M.  artículo
openAccessLu-IBD2020.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2020Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Korean Kimchi Activate the Vitamin D Receptor–autophagy Signaling PathwaysLu, Rong; Shang, Mei; Zhang, Yong-Guo; Jiao, Yang; Xia, Yinglin; Garrett, Shari; Bakke, Danika; Bäuerl,Christine; Pérez Martínez, Gaspar  ; Kim, Cheol-Hyun; Kang, Sang-Moo; Sun, Junartículo
embargoedAccessFH2021-Laguna.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2020Food matrix impact on oral structure breakdown and sandiness perception of semisolid systems including resistant starchLaguna, Laura; Rizo, Arantxa; Pineda, Delia; Pérez, Sara; Gamero, Amparo ; Tárrega, Amparo artículo
openAccessSciRep2020-Bauerl.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2020Lactobacillus casei extracellular vesicles stimulate EGFR pathway likely due to the presence of proteins P40 and P75 bound to their surfaceBäuerl, Christine ; Coll Marqués, José M.; Tarazona González, Carmen; Pérez Martínez, Gaspar  artículo
openAccessgenes-11-00795.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2020Regulation of Ergosterol Biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeJordá, Tania; Puig, Sergi artículo de revisión
openAccessMicrobLett2020-Coll.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2020Differences in the expression of cell envelope proteinases (CEP) in two Lactobacillus paracasei probiotic strainsColl Marqués, José M.; Bäuerl, Christine ; Zúñiga, Manuel ; Pérez Martínez, Gaspar  artículo
openAccessfoods-09-00875-v2.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2020Oral Processing Studies: Why Multidisiciplinary?Fiszman, Susana ; Tárrega, Amparo editorial
openAccessStudy_protocol_of_the_Bergen-20.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2020Study protocol of the Bergen brain-gut-microbiota-axis studyBerentsen, B.; Nagaraja, B.H.; Teige, E.P.; Lied, G.A.; Lundervold, A.J.; Steinsvik, E.K.; Hillestad, E.R.; Valeur, J.; Brønstad, I.; Gilja, O.H.; Osnes, B.; Hatlebakk, J.G.; Haász, J.; Labus, J.; Gupta, A.; Mayer, E.A.; Benítez-Páez, Alfonso  ; Sanz Herranz, Yolanda ; Lundervold, A.; Hausken, T.artículo
openAccessSciRep2020-Boix.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2020Human milk microbiota in sub-acute lactational mastitis induces inflammation and undergoes changes in composition, diversity and loadBoix Amorós, Alba; Hernández Aguilar, MaríaTeresa; Artacho, Alejandro; Collado, María Carmen ; Mira, Alexartículo
openAccessmgen000448.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2020Genomic instability in an interspecific hybrid of the genus Saccharomyces: a matter of adaptabilityMorard Pedrouzo, Miguel ; Ibáñez, Clara ; Adam, Ana C.; Querol, Amparo ; Barrio, Eladio ; Toft, Christina artículo
openAccessBiotechnReports2020-Lip.pdf.jpg13-May-2020Selection and subsequent physiological characterization of industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains during continuous growth at sub- and- supra optimal temperaturesLip, K.Y.F.; García-Ríos, Estéfani; Costa, C.E.; Guillamón, José Manuel  ; Domingues, L.; Teixeira, J.; van Gulik, W.M.artículo
embargoedAccessFoodHydrocolloids2020-Perez.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2020Interest of black carob extract for the development of active biopolymer films for cheese preservationPérez, María Jorgelina; Moreno, María Alejandra; Martínez-Abad, Antonio ; Cattaneo, Florencia; Zampini, Catiana; Isla, María Inés; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Fabra, María José artículo
embargoedAccessFOODCHEM2020-Zacarias.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2020Characterization of the Pale Yellow Petal/Xanthophyll Esterase gene family in citrus as candidates for carotenoid esterification in fruitsZacarías-García, Jaime; Lux, P.E.; Carle, R.; Schweiggert, R.M.; Steingass, C.B.; Zacarías, Lorenzo  ; Rodrigo, María Jesús artículo
embargoedAccessBenito-González_IJBM_2020.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2020Valorisation of vine shoots for the development of cellulose-based biocomposite films with improved performance and bioactivityBenito González, Isaac; Jaén Cano, C.M.; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Martínez-Abad, Antonio ; Martínez-Sanz, Martaartículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1207
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