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Registro de acceso cerrado Fluvial nutrient dynamics in a humanized landscape. Insights from a hierarchical perspective

Autor :Martí, Eugènia
Sabater, Francesc
Riera, Joan L.
Merseburger, G. C.
Von Schiller, D.
Argerich, A.
Caille, F.
Fonollà, P.
Palabras clave :Nutrients, Stream, River, Global change, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Biogeochemistry, Hierarchical structure
Fecha de publicación :2006
Editor:Asociación Española de Limnología
Citación :Limnetica, 25(1-2) : 513-526 (2006)
Resumen:Global change driven by human activity is overimposed on the hierarchical structure of fluvial ecosystems, causing a myriad of effects on their physical template and hydrology as well as on the quantity and quality of the resources for stream biota. Global change operates at all scales within this hierarchy, but its effects on the ecology of fluvial ecosystems at any particular scale may be exacerbated or overridden by concomitant effects occurring at other scales. The resulting effects can have major ecological implications on both ecosystem services (namely, biogeochemical processes associated to energy and matter flow) and biodiversity (namely, community structure), which currently are issues of central concern in environmental management. In this paper we focus on a particular ecological attribute of fluvial ecosystems, the capacity to process and retain nutrients, and examine how physical and chemical alterations caused by human activities, occurring at different scales, may interact to affect this capacity. We illustrate these effects based on existing knowledge and highlight the key changes at different scales which can be susceptible of major effects.
Descripción :14 Páginas ; 1 Tabla ; 1 Figura
Versión del editor:http://www.limnetica.com/Limnetica/limne25a/L25a513_Fluvial_nutrient_dynamics.pdf
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/10261/38410
ISBN :84-921618-7-6
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