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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessMCP-Estables-2016.pdf.jpgMar-2016Inhibiting ethylene perception with 1-methylcyclopropene triggers molecular responses aimed to cope with cell toxicity and increased respiration in citrus fruitsEstablés Ortiz, Beatriz A. ; Romero, Paco ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo
2openAccessBallester Postharvest Biol Technol 2010.pdf.jpgApr-2010Biochemical and molecular characterization of induced resistance against Penicillium digitatum in citrus fruitBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Izquierdo, Ana; Lafuente, María Teresa ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
3openAccessFood Chem-2013-Ballester_PartI.pdf.jpg2013Citrus phenylpropanoids and defence against pathogens. Part II: Gene expression and metabolite accumulation in the response of fruits to Penicillium digitatum infectionBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Lafuente, María Teresa ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
4openAccessGonzalez-Candelas_PDM2013.pdf.jpg2014An -omics insight into the pathogenicity of Penicillium digitatum: an overviewGonzález-Candelas, Luis  artículo
5openAccessFrontiers Plant Sci-2017-Ballester.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2017Transcriptomic Response of Resistant (PI613981–Malus sieversii) and Susceptible (“Royal Gala”) Genotypes of Apple to Blue Mold (Penicillium expansum) InfectionBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Norelli, John; Burchard, Erik; Abdelfattah, Ahmed; Levin, Elena; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Droby, Samir; Wisniewski, Michaelartículo
6openAccess1471-2164-13-646.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2012Genome sequence of the necrotrophic fungus Penicillium digitatum, the main postharvest pathogen of citrusMarcet-Houben, Marina; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; de la Fuente, Beatriz ; Harries, Eleonora ; Marcos López, José Francisco  ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Gabaldón, Toniartículo
7openAccessMPP 2011-Ballester.pdf.jpg2011Transcriptomic profiling of citrus fruit peel tissues reveals fundamental effects of phenylpropanoids and ethylene on induced resistanceBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Lafuente, María Teresa ; Forment, Javier ; Gadea, J.; Vos, R.C.H. de; Bovy, A. G.; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
8openAccessJSFA-2016-LGC.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2015Effect of oxidant stressors and phenolic antioxidants on the ochratoxigenic fungus Aspergillus carbonariusCrespo Sempere, Ana ; Selma Lázaro, Cristina ; Palumbo, Jeffrey D.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Martínez-Culebras, Pedro V. artículo
9openAccessPLOS One_2017-Levin.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2017Identification and characterization of LysM effectors in Penicillium expansumLevin, Elena; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Raphael, Ginat; Feigenberg, Oleg; Liu, Yongsheng; Norelli, John; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Mao, Jing; Dardick, Christopher; Wisniewski, Michael; Droby, Samirartículo
10openAccessLafuente_et_al_Frontiers_2017.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2017Insights into the Molecular Events That Regulate Heat-Induced Chilling Tolerance in Citrus FruitsLafuente, María Teresa ; Establés Ortíz, Beatriz; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
11openAccessIdentification_Levin_Art2019.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2019Identification and functional analysis of NLP-encoding genes from the postharvest pathogen penicillium expansumLevin, Elena; Raphael, Ginat; Ma, Jing; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Feygenberg, Oleg; Norelli, John; Aly, Radi; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Wisniewski, Michael; Droby, Samirartículo
12closedAccess1994Transcriptional regulation of the Trichoderma longibrachiatum egl1 geneGonzález García, Ramón  ; Pérez-González, José A.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Ramón, Daniel artículo
13openAccessMolecular Plant Pathology-2015-López_Pérez.pdf.jpg2015Identification and functional analysis of Penicillium digitatum genes putatively involved in virulence towards citrus fruitLópez Pérez, Mario ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
14openAccessFood Chem-2013-Ballester_PartI.pdf.jpg2013Citrus phenylpropanoids and defence against pathogens. Part I: Metabolic profiling in elicited fruitsBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Lafuente, María Teresa ; De Vos, R.C.H.; Bovy, A.G.; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
15openAccessApp Microbiol Biotechnol 2013-Zhang .pdf.jpg2013The pH signaling transcription factor PacC is required for full virulence in Penicillium digitatumZhang, T.; Sun, X.; Xu, Q.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Li, H.artículo
16openAccessIntnal J Food Chem 2011-Crespo .pdf.jpg2011Development of a green fluorescent tagged strain of Aspergillus carbonarius to monitor fungal colonization in grapesCrespo Sempere, Ana ; López Pérez, Mario ; Martínez-Culebras, Pedro V. ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
17openAccessIJFM_2018_Vilanova.pdf.jpg31-May-2018Differential contribution of the two major polygalacturonases from Penicillium digitatum to virulence towards citrus fruitVilanova, Laura; López-Pérez, Mario; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Teixidó, Neus; Usall, Josep; Lara, Isabel; Viñas, Inmaculada; Torres, Rosario; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
18openAccessPHP-2018-Lafuente.pdf.jpg20-May-2018Light‐emitting Diode Blue Light Alters the Ability of Penicillium digitatum to Infect Citrus FruitsLafuente, María Teresa ; Alférez, Fernando ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
19openAccessInt Food Microbiol 2014-Crespo.pdf.jpg2014The loss of the inducible Aspergillus carbonarius MFS transporter MfsA leads to ochratoxin A overproductionCrespo Sempere, Ana ; Martínez-Culebras, Pedro V. ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
20openAccessCajustePBT.pdf.jpgJan-2010Epicuticular wax content and morphology as related to ethylene and storage performance of ‘Navelate’ orange fruitCajuste, Jacques F.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Veyrat, Ana ; García Breijo, Francisco J.; Reig Armiñana, José; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo
21openAccesslopezgarcia2003.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2003Comparison of the activity of antifungal hexapeptides and the fungicides thiabendazole and imazalil against postharvest fungal pathogensLópez García, Belén ; Veyrat, Ana ; Pérez-Payá, Enrique ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Marcos López, José Francisco  artículo
22openAccessBanani et al BMC Geomics 2016.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2016Genome sequencing and secondary metabolism of the postharvest pathogen Penicillium griseofulvumBanani, Houda; Marcet-Houben, Marina; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Abbruscato, Pamela; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Gabaldón, Toni; Spadaro, Davideartículo
23openAccessPBTreview_20160421_submitted.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2016Molecular aspects in pathogen-fruit interactions: Virulence and resistanceTian, S.; Torres, R. ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Li, B.; Vilanova, L.; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
24openAccess2015Genome, transcriptome, and functional analyses of Penicillium expansum provide new insights into secondary metabolism and pathogenicityBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Marcet-Houben, Marina; Levin, E.; Sela, N.; Selma Lázaro, Cristina ; Carmona, Lourdes ; Wisniewski, M.; Droby, S.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Gabaldón, Toniartículo
25openAccessSanzani_et_al_PBT 2010 revised version.pdf.jpgApr-2010Characterization of genes associated with induced resistance against Penicillium expansum in apple fruit treated with quercetinSanzani, Simona Marianna; Schena, Leonardo; Girolamo, Annalisa de; Ippolito, Antonio; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
26openAccessFood Res Intnal-2013-Crespo.pdf.jpg2013Characterization and disruption of the cipC gene in the ochratoxigenic fungus Aspergillus carbonariusCrespo Sempere, Ana ; Selma Lázaro, Cristina ; Martínez-Culebras, Pedro V. ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
27openAccessFoodChem-2011-Lafuente.pdf.jpg2011Effect of high-temperature-conditioning treatments on quality, flavonoid composition and vitamin C of cold stored 'Fortune' mandarinsLafuente, María Teresa ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Callejero, J.; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
28openAccessPBT2019-Levin.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2018Identification of pathogenicity-related genes and the role of a subtilisin-related peptidase S8 (PePRT) in authophagy and virulence of Penicillium expansum on applesLevin, E.; Kishore, A.; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Raphael, G.; Feigenberg, O.; Liu, Y.; Norelli, J.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Wisniewski, M.; Droby, Samirartículo
29openAccesstoxins-10-00120.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2018Functional Characterization of the alb1 Orthologue Gene in the Ochratoxigenic Fungus Aspergillus carbonarius (AC49 strain)Gerin, Donato; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Pollastro, Stefania; de Miccolis Angelini, Rita Milvia; Faretra, Francescoartículo
30openAccessIn-Depth_Benito_Art2019.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2019In-Depth characterization of bioactive extracts from Posidonia oceanica waste biomassBenito González, Isaac; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Martínez Abad, Antonio; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Falcó, Irene; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria ; Lozano-Sánchez, Jesús; Borrás-Linares, Isabel; Segura Carretero, Antonio; Martínez-Sanz, Martaartículo
31openAccessPOSTEC_2019.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2019Involvement of abscisic acid in the resistance of citrus fruit to Penicillium digitatum infectionLafuente, María Teresa ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
32openAccess1471-2229-10-194.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2010A transcriptomic approach highlights induction of secondary metabolism in citrus fruit in response to Penicillium digitatum infectionGonzález-Candelas, Luis  ; Alamar Cort, Santiago ; Sánchez Torres, Paloma  ; Zacarías, Lorenzo  ; Marcos López, José Francisco  artículo
33openAccessJEXBOT-2011-Lafuente.pdf.jpg2012Unravelling molecular responses to moderate dehydration in harvested fruit of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) using a fruit-specific ABA-deficient mutantRomero, Paco ; Rodrigo, María Jesús ; Alférez, Fernando ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Zacarías, Lorenzo  ; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo
34openAccessSanchez-Torres_Food Microbiol 2018.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2017Unravelling the contribution of the Penicillium expansum PeSte12 transcription factor to virulence during apple fruit infectionSánchez Torres, Paloma  ; Vilanova, Laura; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; López Pérez, Mario ; Teixidó, Neus; Viñas, Inmaculada; Usall, Josep; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Torres, Rosarioartículo
35openAccessPdMFS1_Ramon_Carbonell_Art2019.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2019PdMFS1 Transporter contributes to Penicilliun digitatum fungicide resistance and fungal virulence during citrus fruit infectionRamón-Carbonell; Marta de; López-Pérez, Mario; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Sánchez Torres, Paloma  artículo
36closedAccess1994Development of a transformation system forTrichoderma longibrachiatum and its use for constructing multicopy transformants for theegl1 geneSánchez Torres, Paloma  ; González García, Ramón  ; Pérez-González, José A.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Ramón, Daniel artículo
37embargoedAccessIJFM2020-Valente.pdf.jpg25-May-2020Elaborated regulation of griseofulvin biosynthesis in Penicillium griseofulvum and its role on conidiation and virulenceValente, Sivia; Cometto, Agnese; Piombo, Edoardo; Meloni, Giovanna Roberta; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Spadaro, Davideartículo
38openAccessDíaz Ricci-FrontPlantSci2020.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2020Editorial: Interplay Between Fungal Pathogens and Fruit RipeningDíaz Ricci, Juan C.; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Prusky, Dov B.; Moser, Claudio; Baraldi, Elenaeditorial
39openAccessSEMforo2019-Fung_IATA.pdf.jpgJun-2019Laboratorio de patógenos fúngicos postcosecha y alterantes de alimentos (IATA-CSIC)Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
40openAccessMuñoz_et_al_2011_author_version.pdf.jpg2011Comparative analysis of the sensitivity to distinct antimicrobials among Penicillium spp. causing fruit postharvest decayMuñoz, Alberto ; López-García, Belén; Veyrat, Ana ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Marcos López, José Francisco  artículo
41openAccesshorticultura2011-Lopez.pdf.jpgMay-2011Disección de factores de patogenicidad del hongo patógeno poscosecha de cítricos ‘Penicillium digitatum’López-Pérez, Mario; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
42openAccessBuron-Moles_et_al_2012.pdf.jpg13-Oct-2012Use of GFP-tagged strains of Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium expansum to study host-pathogen interactions in oranges and applesBuron Moles, G.; López Pérez, Mario ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Viñas, Inmaculada; Teixidó, N.; Usall, J.; Torres, Rosarioartículo
43openAccessCrespo_et_al_2010_author_version.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2010Genes differentially expressed by Aspergillus carbonarius strains under ochratoxin A producing conditionsCrespo Sempere, Ana ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Martínez Culebras, Pedro V.artículo
44openAccessDelgado_FM2019.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2019Evaluation of the activity of the antifungal PgAFP protein and its producer mould against Penicillium spp postharvest pathogens of citrus and pome fruitsDelgado, Josué; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Núñez, Félix; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
45openAccessFunctional_Ballester_Art2019.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2019Functional and harmacological analyses of the role of Penicillium digitatum proteases on virulenceBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; López Pérez, Mario ; Fuente, Beatriz de la; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
46openAccessEFE_Mediated_Ballester_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020EFE-Mediated Ethylene Synthesis Is the Major Pathway in the Citrus Postharvest Pathogen Penicillium digitatum during Fruit InfectionBallester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  artículo
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