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openAccess; An error occurred on the license name.2015Transition Pathways to Sustainable Pastoral Systems in EuropeCaballero, Rafael; CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias Agrarias (ICA)
openAccessMay-2015Medicago truncatula Natural Resistance-Associated Macrophage Protein1 Is Required for Iron Uptake by Rhizobia-Infected Nodule CellsTejada-Jiménez, Manuel; Castro-Rodríguez, Rosario; Kryvoruchko, Igor; Lucas, M. Mercedes; Udvardi, Michael; Imperial, Juan; González-Guerrero, Manuel; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España); European Research Council
openAccess15-Apr-2015Plant Virus Transmission by InsectsFereres, Alberto; Raccah, Benjamín; CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias Agrarias (ICA)
closedAccessFeb-2015La gestión integrada de malas hierbas en cereales: estado actual de nuestros conocimientosFernández-Quintanilla, César; Dorado, José; Recasens, Jordi; CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias Agrarias (ICA); Universidad de Lleida
closedAccess15-Aug-2015Infrared and ultraviolet laser removal of crustose lichens on dolomite heritage stoneSanz, Mikel; Oujja, Mohamed; Ascaso, Carmen; de los Ríos, Asunción; Pérez-Ortega, Sergio; Souza-Egipsy, Virginia; Wierzchos, Jacek; Speranza, Mariela; Vega Cañamares, Maria; Castillejo, Marta, et al
closedAccessApr-2012Dynamics of nonpersistent aphid-borne viruses in lettuce crops covered with UV-absorbing netsLegarrea, Saioa; Betancourt, Mónica; Plaza, María; Fraile, Aurora; García-Arenal, Fernando; Fereres, Alberto
closedAccessFeb-2015Does biochar interfere with standard methods for determining soil microbial biomass and phenotypic community structure?Plaza de Carlos, César; Pawlett, Mark; Fernández, José M.; Méndez, Ana; Gascó, Gabriel; Ritz, Karl
closedAccessJan-2015Application of a set of complementary techniques to understand how varying the proportion of two wastes affects humic acids produced by vermicompostingFernández-Gómez, Manuel J.; Nogales, Rogelio; Plante, Alain; Plaza de Carlos, César; Fernández, José M.
closedAccessAug-2014Germination response of local Southern European populations of Datura stramonium at a range of constant temperaturesLoddo, D.; Sousa, E.; Masin, R.; Calha, I.M.; Zanin, G; Fernández-Quintanilla, César; Dorado, José
closedAccess16-Jun-2014Wild rocket – effect of water deficit on growth, flowering, and attractiveness to pollinatorsBarbir, Jelena; Dorado, José; Fernández-Quintanilla, César; Blanusa, Tijana; Maksimovic, Cedo; Badenes-Pérez, Francisco Rubén
closedAccessMar-2014Multivariate Analysis of the Agricultural Management Presence of Sorghum Halepense (L.) Pers. Relationships in Maize CropsAndújar, Dionisio; Rueda-Ayala, Victor; Dorado, José; Roland, Gerhards; Fernández-Quintanilla, César
closedAccess22-Jul-2014The attractiveness of flowering herbaceous plants to bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) and hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) in agro-ecosystems of Central SpainBarbir, Jelena; Badenes-Pérez, Francisco Rubén; Fernández Quintanilla, César; Dorado, José
closedAccessFeb-2015Insect vectors as drivers of plant virus emergenceFereres, Alberto
closedAccess1-Aug-2013Geospatial patterns of soil properties and the biological control potential of entomopathogenic nematodes in Florida citrus grovesCampos-Herrera, R.; Pathak, Ekta; El-Borai, F.; Stuart, Robin J.; Gutiérrez, Carmen; Rodríguez Martín, José Antonio; Graham, James H.; Duncan, L. W.
closedAccessMar-2014Effect of mine tailing on the spatial variability of soil nematodes from lead pollution in La Union (Spain)Rodríguez Martín, José Antonio; Gutiérrez, Carmen; Escuer, M.; García González, Maria Teresa; Campos-Herrera, R.; Águila, Nancy
closedAccessFeb-2012Short-term effects of organic municipal wastes on wheat yield, microbial biomass, microbial activity, and chemical properties of soilFranco-Otero, Victor G.; Soler-Rovira, Pedro; Hernández, Diana; García López de Sá, Esther; Méndez, Ana; Plaza de Carlos, César
closedAccess1-Jun-2014Carbon dioxide emissions from semi-arid soils amended with biochar alone or combined with mineral and organic fertilizersFernández, José M.; Nieto, M. Aurora; García López-de-Sá, Esther; Gascó, Gabriel; Méndez, Ana; Plaza de Carlos, César
closedAccess17-Aug-2012Physical, chemical, and biochemical mechanisms of soil organic matter stabilization under conservation tillage systems: A central role for microbes and microbial by-products in C sequestrationPlaza de Carlos, César; Courtier-Murias, Denis; Fernández, José M.; Polo, Alfredo; Simpson, André J.
closedAccess17-Apr-2013Unraveling the long-term stabilization mechanisms of organic materials in soils by physical fractionation and NMR spectroscopyCourtier-Murias, Denis; Simpson, André J.; Marzadori, Claudio; Fernández, José M.; García López de Sá, Esther; Plaza de Carlos, César
closedAccess31-Jan-2012Interplant movement and spatial distribution of alate and apterous morphs of Nasonovia ribisnigri (Homoptera: Aphididae) on lettuceDíaz, Beatriz M.; Barrios, Laura; Fereres, Alberto
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 514
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