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Open Access item Statistical Analysis of Water Masers in Star-Forming Regions: Cepheus A and W75 N

Authors:Uscanga, Lucero
Cantó, Jorge
Gómez, José Luis
Anglada, Guillem
Torrelles, José María
Patel, Nimesh A.
Raga, Alejandro Cristian
Curiel, Salvador
Keywords:ISM: individual (Cepheus A), ISM: individual objects (W75N), ISM: jets and outflows, Masers, Methods: statistical
Issue Date:20-May-2010
Publisher:American Astronomical Society
Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation:Astrophysical Journal 715 (1) : 132 (2010)
Abstract:We have done a statistical analysis of Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) data of water masers in the star-forming regions (SFRs) Cepheus A and W75 N, using correlation functions to study the spatial clustering and Doppler-velocity distribution of these masers. Two-point spatial correlation functions show a characteristic scale size for clusters of water maser spots lsim1 AU, similar to the values found in other SFRs. This suggests that the scale for water maser excitation tends to be lsim1 AU. Velocity correlation functions show power-law dependences with indices that can be explained by regular velocity fields, such as expansion and/or rotation. These velocity fields are similar to those indicated by the water maser proper-motion measurements; therefore, the velocity correlation functions appear to reveal the organized motion of water maser spots on scales larger than 1 AU.
Description:Publicado en línea el 26 de abril de 2010.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/0004-637X/715/1/132
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