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Título : Location of the serine residue involved in the linkage between the terminal protein and the DNA of phage ø29
Autor : Hermoso, José Miguel, Méndez, E., Soriano, F., Salas, Margarita
Fecha de publicación : 1985
Editor: Oxford University Press
Resumen: B. subtilis phage φ29 has a terminal protein, p3, covalently linked to the 5'ends of the DNA through a phosphodiester bond between a serine residue and 5'-dAMP. This protein acts as a primer in DNA replication by forming an initiation complex with the 5'-terminal nucleotide dAMP. The amino acid sequence of the terminal protein, deduced from the nucleotide sequence of gene 3, showed the presence of 18 serine residues in a total of 266 amino acids. In this paper we have identified the serine involved in the linkage with the DNA as the residue 232, located close to the C-terminus of the molecule. This result was obtained by amino acid analysis of the peptide that remains linked to the DNA after proteinase K digestion of the terminal protein-φ29 DNA complex and automated Edman degradation of the corresponding {125I}-labeled tryptic peptide. Prediction of the secondary structure of the terminal protein suggested that the serine residue involved in the linkage with the DNA is placed in a β-turn, probably located on the external part of the molecule, as indicated by hydropathic values.
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ISSN: 0305-1048
DOI: 10.1093/nar/13.21.7715
Citación : Nucleic Acids Research 13(21): 7715-7728 (1985)
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