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Open Access item A supressor of non sense mutations in Bacillus subtilis

Authors:Camacho, Ana Gema
Moreno Muñoz, Francisco José
Carrascosa, José L.
Viñuela, Eladio
Salas, Margarita
Issue Date:1977
Citation:European Journal of Biochemistry 47: 199-205 (1974)
Abstract:The suppressor-sensitive mutants of phage φ29, susB47 and susN212, do not induce the synthesis of proteins NP1 and II, respectively, when they infect Bacillus subtilis su−. A new polypeptide of molecular weight 75000, smaller than that of protein NP1, is produced in susB47-infected cells. An analysis of the methionine-containing tryptic peptides of protein NP1 and the 75000-molecular-weight polypeptide showed that both proteins are related. When mutants susB47 and susN212 infect B. subtilissu+3, a small amount of proteins NP1 and II, respectively, is synthesized, the level of the suppression being about 10%. The results indicate that the B. subtilis su+3 strain is a suppressor of nonsense mutations.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1432-1033.1974.tb03683.x
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