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Open Access item Multi-analyte biosensing of environmental priority pollutants in real water samples

Authors:Mauriz, Elba
Calle Martín, Ana
Lechuga, Laura M.
Manclús, J. J.
Montoya, Ángel
Hildebrandt, Alain
Barceló, Damià
Quintana, J.
Ventura, Francesc
Issue Date:2006
Citation:III SWIFT-WFD: 26-29 (2006)
Abstract:Real-time multi-analyte detection of pollutants within the three main types of pesticides: organochlorine, organophosphate and carbamate have been performed using a two-channel Surface Plasmo n Resonance (SPR) optical immunosensor. Two different immunoassay approaches have been tested to detect the target analytes by using individual and simultaneous immobilization formats. Sensor reusability was assured via the formation of alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) allowing the regeneration of the same immunosurface throughout 200 assay cycles. Oetection limits reached ppt levels (18-32 ng L'1) when using both individual and multi-analyte protocols. No significant matrix effects were found for different water types and the correlation with conventional chromatographic methods showed an excellent agreement between assays. The high sensitivity, low-time of response (20 minutes) and portability of the SPR biosensor platform, would allow its application as a field analytical method for environmental waters.
Description:4 páginas, 4 figuras.-- Comunicación presentada al 3rd SWIFT-WFD workshop in collaboration with AQUATERRA celebrado en Barcelona (España) del 15 al 16 de Mayo del 2006.
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