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Closed Access item Redox Behavior of an Organometallic Palladium(II)/Palladium(IV) System. A New Method for the Synthesis of Cationic Palladium(IV) Complexes

Authors:Cámpora, Juan
Palma Ramírez, Pilar
Río, Diego del
López, Jorge A.
Álvarez, Eleuterio
Connelly, Neil G.
Keywords:Cationic palladium, Synthesis, Redox, Chemical oxidation, Anionic, Metallacycles
Issue Date:23-Jun-2005
Publisher:American Chemical Society
Citation:Organometallics 24(15): 3624-3628 (2005)
Abstract:A new method for the synthesis of cationic Pd(IV) complexes, based on the chemical oxidation of an anionic Pd(II) metallacycle in the presence of an additional ligand, is presented. Electrochemical analysis of these compounds reveals that the stability of the +4 oxidation state is sensitive to the electron-donor capability of the added co-ligand and to the steric features of the Tp‘ ligand.
Description:5 páginas, 2 figuras, 2 tablas, esquemas.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/om050216f
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