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Closed Access item Decomposition of Methylnickel(II) Amido, Alkoxo, and Alkyl Complexes by β-Hydrogen Elimination: A Comparative Study

Authors:Matas, Inmaculada
Cámpora, Juan
Palma Ramírez, Pilar
Álvarez, Eleuterio
Keywords:Amido, Alkoxo, Alkyl, β-hydrogen, Methane, Methylnickel, Thermolysis
Issue Date:28-Oct-2009
Publisher:American Chemical Society
Citation:Organometallics 28(22): 6515-6523 (2009)
Abstract:Thermal decomposition of structurally related amido, alkoxo, and alkyl complexes of type [Ni(Me)(EC(H)RR′)(dippe)] (EC(H)RR′ = cyclo-NC4H8 (pyrrolidino), N(CH2Ph)2, OCH2Ph, OCH(Me)Ph, and CH2CH2Ph) takes place through formally analogous processes involving β-hydrogen elimination and reductive elimination of methane, cleanly affording corresponding Ni(0) imine, aldehyde, ketone, and olefin complexes, [Ni(η2-E═CRR′)(dippe)]. Kinetic studies on these decomposition reactions show that, in spite of their similarity, they involve substantial mechanistic differences.
Description:9 páginas, 7 figuras, 6 esquemas.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/om900400s
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