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Título : An RFID-Based Intelligent Vehicle Speed Controller Using Active Traffic Signals
Autor : Pérez Rastelli, Joshué Manuel, Seco, Fernando, Milanés, Vicente, Jiménez, Antonio R., Díaz, Julio C., Pedro Lucio, Teresa de
Palabras clave : automotive sensors
sensorial fusion
autonomous vehicle
Fecha de publicación : Jun-2010
Editor: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Citación : Sensors 10(6):5887-5887
Resumen: These days, mass-produced vehicles benefit from research on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). One prime example of ITS is vehicle Cruise Control (CC), which allows it to maintain a pre-defined reference speed, to economize on fuel or energy consumption, to avoid speeding fines, or to focus all of the driver’s attention on the steering of the vehicle. However, achieving efficient Cruise Control is not easy in roads or urban streets where sudden changes of the speed limit can happen, due to the presence of unexpected obstacles or maintenance work, causing, in inattentive drivers, traffic accidents. In this communication we present a new Infrastructure to Vehicles (I2V) communication and control system for intelligent speed control, which is based upon Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for identification of traffic signals on the road, and high accuracy vehicle speed measurement with a Hall effect-based sensor. A fuzzy logic controller, based on sensor fusion of the information provided by the I2V infrastructure, allows the efficient adaptation of the speed of the vehicle to the circumstances of the road. The performance of the system is checked empirically, with promising results.
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DOI: 10.3390/s100605872
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