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Título : Time-dependent matter instability and star singularity in F(R) gravity
Autor : Bamba, Kazuharu, Nojiri, Shin'ichi, Odintsov, Sergei D.
Palabras clave : Dark energy
Modified gravities
Finite future singularity
Fecha de publicación : 25-Apr-2011
Editor: Elsevier
Resumen: We investigate a curvature singularity appearing in the star collapse process in $F(R)$ gravity. In particular, we propose an understanding of the mechanism to produce the curvature singularity. Moreover, we explicitly demonstrate that $R^\alpha$ ($1 < \alpha \leq 2$) term addition could cure the curvature singularity and viable $F(R)$ gravity models could become free of such a singularity. Furthermore, we discuss the realization process of the curvature singularity and estimate the time scale of its appearance. For exponential gravity, it is shown that in case of the star collapse, the time scale is much shorter than the age of the universe, whereas in cosmological circumstances, it is as long as the cosmological time.
Descripción : Publicado en línea el 24 de marzo de 2011.
Versión del editor:
ISSN: 1873-2445
DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2011.03.038
Citación : Physics Letters - Section B 698 (5) : 451-456 (2011)
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