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Closed Access item Palaeontology: An Early Cretaceous pellet

Other Titles:Brief Communications
Authors:Sanz, José L.
Chiappe, Luis M.
Fernández Jalvo, Yolanda
Ortega, Francisco
Sánchez Chillón, Begoña
Poyato-Ariza, Francisco J.
Pérez-Moreno, Bernardino P.
Keywords:Palaeontology, Early cretaceous
Issue Date:22-Feb-2001
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Citation:Nature 409, 998-1000
Abstract:We have discovered a mass of fossil bones from four juvenile birds at Las Hoyas in Cuenca, Spain, which show signs of having been digested. To our knowledge, this rare finding of an Early Cretaceous fossil of an apparently regurgitated pellet provides the first evidence that Mesozoic birds were prey animals.
Publisher version (URL):http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v409/n6823/full/409998b0.html#top
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