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openAccess2016 Evolutionary Bioinformatics 12 277.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2016EvalMSA: A Program to Evaluate Multiple Sequence Alignments and Detect OutliersChiner-Oms, Álvaro ; González-Candelas, FernandoArtículo
openAccess2019 Mol Cell 74-59.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2019Deciphering the Molecular Mechanism Underpinning Phage Arbitrium Communication SystemsGallego del Sol, Francisca ; Penadés, José R. ; Marina, Alberto  Artículo
embargoedAccess2019 Enf Infec Microb Clin_vers_autor.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2018Tuberculosis of the elbow: A rare form of presentation of extrapulmonary tuberculosisCastaño Aroca, M. J.; Calabuig Muñoz, E.; Comas, Iñaki ; Gil-Brusola, A.Artículo
openAccessCurrGenet_AuthorVersion.pdf.jpgFeb-2018Ask yeast how to burn your fats: lessons learned from the metabolic adaptation to salt stressPascual-Ahuir, Amparo ; Manzanares-Estreder, Sara ; Timón-Gómez, Alba; Proft, Markus Artículo
openAccess2018 World J Gastroentrol 24-5454.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2018Post-translational modifications of prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 in colorectal cancer: An updateJaén, Rafael I.; Prieto, Patricia ; Casado, Marta  ; Martín-Sanz, Paloma ; Boscá, Lisardo Artículo
openAccess2018 Front Pharmacol 9-1014.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2018Dexamethasone Preconditioning in Cardiac Procedures Reduces Decreased Antithrombin Activity and Is Associated to Beneficial Outcomes: Role of EndotheliumMuedra, Vicente; Moreno, Lucrecia; Rodilla, Vicente; Arce, Cristina; Montó, Fermí; Blázquez, Águeda; Pérez, Paloma  ; D’Ocón, PilarArtículo
openAccess2010 BMC Cell Biol 11-19.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2010A novel link between Sus1 and the cytoplasmic mRNA decay machinery suggests a broad role in mRNA metabolismCuenca-Bono, Bernardo; García-Molinero, Varinia; Pascual-García, Pau; García-Oliver, Encar; Llopis, Ana; Rodríguez-Navarro, Susana Artículo
openAccessAuthor copy MiMB 2018.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2018AMPK Protein Interaction Analyses by Yeast Two-HybridSanz, Pascual  ; Viana, Rosa  ; Garcia-Gimeno, Maria AdelaidaArtículo
embargoedAccess2019_ARBRES_Manuscript.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2019The Future of TB Resistance Diagnosis: The Essentials on Whole Genome Sequencing and Rapid Testing MethodsMoreno-Molina, Miguel; Comas, Iñaki ; Furió, VictoriaArtículo
embargoedAccess2018 Epilepsy Res 145-169 Author copy.pdf.jpgSep-2018A novel EPM2A mutation yields a slow progression form of Lafora diseaseGarcia-Gimeno, Maria Adelaida; Rodilla-Ramirez, Pilar Natalia; Viana, Rosa  ; Salas-Puig, Xavier; Brewer, M. Kathryn; Gentry, Matthew S.; Sanz, Pascual  Artículo
openAccess2018 Hum Mol Genet 27-1290 vers aut.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2018Astrocytes: new players in progressive myoclonus epilepsy of Lafora typeRubio-Villena, Carla ; Viana, Rosa  ; Bonet, Jose; Garcia-Gimeno, Maria Adelaida; Casado, Marta  ; Heredia, Miguel ; Sanz, Pascual  Artículo
embargoedAccess2018 FEBS J 285-2071 Author Copy.pdf.jpgJun-2018Degradation of altered mitochondria by autophagy is impaired in Lafora diseaseLahuerta, Marcos; Aguado, Carmen; Sánchez-Martín, Pablo; Sanz, Pascual  ; Knecht, ErwinArtículo
openAccess2019 Emerg Infect Dis 25-507.pdf.jpgMar-2019Simplified Model to Survey Tuberculosis Transmission in Countries Without Systematic Molecular Epidemiology ProgramsDomínguez, Juan; Acosta, Fermín; Pérez-Lago, Laura; Sambrano, Dilcia; Batista, Victoria; De La Guardia, Carolina; Abascal, Estefanía; Chiner-Oms, Álvaro ; Comas, Iñaki ; González, Prudencio; Bravo, Jaime; Del Cid, Pedro; Rosas, Samantha; Muñoz, Patricia; Goodridge, Amador; García de Viedma, DaríoArtículo
openAccess2006 Nucleic Acid res 34-e149.pdf.jpg2006A combinatorial approach to create artificial homing endonucleases cleaving chosen sequencesSmith, Julianne; Grizot, Sylvestre; Arnould, Sylvain; Duclert, Aymeric; Epinat, Jean-Charles; Chames, Patrick; Prieto, Jesús; Redondo, Pilar; Blanco, Francisco J. ; Bravo, Jerónimo  ; Montoya, Guillermo; Pâques, Frédéric; Duchateau, PhilippeArtículo
openAccess2005 Nat Struct Mol Biol 12-97.pdf.jpgNov-2005Cbl promotes clustering of endocytic adaptor proteinsJozic, Daniela; Cárdenes, Nayra; Deribe, Yonathan Lissanu; Moncalián, Gabriel ; Hoeller, Daniela; Groemping, Yvonne; Dikic, Ivan; Rittinger, Katrin; Bravo, Jerónimo  Artículo
openAccess2008 J Chem Inf Model 48-844 vers aut.pdf.jpgApr-2008Structure-based discovery of novel non-nucleosidic DNA alkyltransferase inhibitors: virtual screening and in vitro and in vivo activitiesRuiz, Federico M. ; Gil-Redondo, Ruben; Morreale, Antonio ; Ortiz, Angel R.; Fabrega, Carmen; Bravo, Jerónimo  Artículo
openAccess2008 Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun 64-1156.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2008Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of a breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 predicted coiled-coil regionSpínola-Amilibia, Mercedes ; Rivera, José; Bravo, Jerónimo  Artículo
openAccess2008 Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun 64-501 vers aut.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2008Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the beta subunit Yke2 of the Gim complex from Saccharomyces cerevisiaePérez de Diego, Rebeca; Ortiz-Lombardía, Miguel; Bravo, Jerónimo  Artículo
openAccess2015 Ther Deliv 6-1171 vers aut.pdf.jpg2015Strategies to stabilize cell penetrating peptides for in vivo applicationsFominaya, Jesús; Bravo, Jerónimo  ; Rebollo, AngelitaArtículo
openAccess2014 J Mol Biol 426-674 vers aut.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2014The structure of TAX1BP1 UBZ1+2 provides insight into target specificity and adaptabilityCeregido, M. Angeles; Spínola Amilibia, Mercedes; Buts, Lieven; Rivera- Torres, José; García-Pino, Abel; Bravo, Jerónimo  ; Nuland, Nico A.J. vanArtículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 502
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