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Closed Access item The Velocity Field in an Air-Blasted Liquid Sheet

Authors:Lozano Fantoba, Antonio
García, I.
Barreras Toledo, Félix
Dopazo, C.
Keywords:Atomization, PIV, Instabilities
Issue Date:2000
Citation:Application of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics: 575-586
Abstract:The instability growth that causes a liquid sheet break up when it is subjected to high velocity parallel air stteams has been anaIyzed in sorne recent experimental studies. Most of them have been based on visual observations from instantaneous spray jmages or oscillation frequency measurements. The purpose of this work is the study of the air field near the sheet interfaces to improve the understanding of the airlliquid interaction. To tbis end, flow visualization and particle image velocimetry (pIV) have been used lo ascertain the flow structure and to obtain two-component velocity maps of planar sections of the air streams.
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