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Closed Access item Synthesis and anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 activity of novel 3'-spiro nucleoside analogues of TSAO-T

Authors:Alvarez, Rosa María
Jimeno, M. Luisa
Perez Perez, María Jesús
De Clercq, Erik
Balzarini, Jan
Camarasa, María José
Issue Date:1997
Publisher:Medical Press
Citation:Antiviral Chemistry Chemotherapy 8(6) : 507-517 (1997)
Abstract:Novel 3'-spiro nucleoside analogues of the potent human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitor TSAO-T have been designed, synthesized and tested for their in vitro antiretroviral activity against HIV-1. In these TSAO analogues the spiro amino-oxathioledioxide moiety was replaced by other spiro moieties that maintained an NH group at the same position as the 4 ''-NH2 group in the prototype compound TSAO-T. Anti-HIV-l activity, although around 100-fold less pronounced than that of the parent TSAO-m(3)T derivative, was observed for the spiro oxazolone derivative. The spiro oxathiazoledioxide compound also showed antiviral activity. The corresponding beta-D-xylofuranosyl analogues were devoid of antiviral activity; this is in accordance with the behaviour of TSAO-m(3)T. None of the test compounds were inhibitory to HIV-2 replication. The markedly decreased potency of the spiro oxathiazoledioxide and oxazolone compounds against HIV-1 replication is in agreement with their decreased anti-HIV-l RT activity.
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