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Open Access item Design issues for the VLSI implementation of universal approximator fuzzy systems

Authors:Baturone, I.
Sánchez-Solano, Santiago
Barriga, Angel
Huertas-Díaz, J. L.
Keywords:Fuzzy systems, Universal approximators, B-splines, VLSI design
Issue Date:Jul-1999
Publisher:Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Citation:3rd IMACS/IEEE CSCC’99 International Conference 1: 6471-6476 (1999)
Abstract:Several VLSI realizations of fuzzy systems have been proposed in the literature in the recent years. They employ analog or digital circuitry, offering more or less programmability, implementing different inference methods, with different types of membership functions as well as different antecedents’ connectives. This paper centers this wide design space by fixing several parameters that allow efficient VLSI implementations of programmable fuzzy systems featuring first, second and third order accurate approximation. Hardware requirements are discussed and compared from the point of view of approximation capability or precision, thus attempting to a formalization that has never been applied before to the field of fuzzy hardware.
Description:Comunicación presentada al "CSCC'99" celebrado en Atenas en Julio de 1999.
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