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Open Access item FLEB: A fuzzy logic e-book

Authors:Bermúdez, Andrés
Barriga, Angel
Baturone, I.
Sánchez-Solano, Santiago
Keywords:Fuzzy Logic, e-Book, e-Learning, Multimedia software
Issue Date:Dec-2001
Citation:European Symposium on Intelligent Technologies, Hybrid Systems and their implementation on Smart Adaptive Systems (EUNITE-2001), pp. 549-554, Tenerife, Dec. 2001.
Abstract:FLEB is an electronic book which attempts to introduce the basic mathematical foundations and applications of fuzzy logic through a software environment which includes images, hypertext, sensitive elements, animations and interactive demos. It also allows executing Xfuzzy, a development tool which eases the description, verification, and synthesis of fuzzy logic-based systems. FLEB, like a usual book, is structured into chapters with pages through which the reader can navigate comfortably. In addition, the information provided can be accessed in a non sequential way thanks to the hypertext and sensitive elements that interconnect linked pages. This capability of non sequential reading together with the exploitation of multimedia software make FLEB a good tool to pedagogically show and explain the basis of fuzzy logic theory and applications.
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