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Título : An experimental study of the (4h)J(P-31-P-31) coupling constant and the C-12/C-13 isotope effect on P-31 in an iminophosphorane-substituted proton sponge
Autor : Elguero, José, Fruchier, Alain, Jimeno, M. Luisa, Molina, Pedro
Palabras clave : Isotope Shifts
Coupling Constants Through Hydrogen Bonds
Proton Sponges
Fecha de publicación : 2002
Editor: Science Reviews Limited
Resumen: The 13C NMR spectra of the bromide of the protonated iminophosphorane-substituted sponge 7 were recorded at different fields. Together with the use of 13C satellites of the 31P NMR spectrum, these experiments allow determination of a reasonable set of chemical shifts and coupling constants. The most interesting are a 4hJPP = 1.6 Hz, determined directly from the 31P NMR spectrum, which probably involves the hydrogen bond, and a 2Δ31P(13C) isotope shift of 9 ppb.
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ISSN: 0308-2342
Citación : Journal of Chemical Research 2002(1) : 34-36 (2002)
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