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Open Access item Prototyping of fuzzy logic–based controllers using standard FPGA development boards

Authors:Sánchez-Solano, Santiago
Senhadji, Raouf
Cabrera, Alejandro
Baturone, I.
Jiménez Fernández, Carlos Jesús
Barriga, Angel
Keywords:Fuzzy controllers, Control systems, FPGA development boards
Issue Date:Jul-2002
Citation:Proceedings 13th IEEE International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping:25-32 (2002)
Abstract:This paper describes a design methodology for fuzzy logic-based control systems. The methodology employs hardware/software codesign techniques according to an ‘a priori’ partition of the tasks assigned to the selected components. This feature makes it possible to tackle the control system prototyping as one of the design stages. In our case, the platform considered for prototyping has been a development board containing a standard microcontroller and an FPGA. Experimental results from an actual control application validate the efficiency of this methodology.
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