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Open Access item Description of a new subespecies of the egyptian vulture (Accipitridae: Aeophron percjvofterus) from the Canary islands.

Authors:Donázar, José A.
Negro, Juan J.
Palacios, César J.
Gangoso, Laura
Godoy, José A.
Ceballos, Olga
Hiraldo, F.
Capote, Nieves
Keywords:Egyptian Vulture, Canary Islands, Control region, Mitochondrial DNA, Neophron pernopterus majorensis, subespecies
Issue Date:2002
Publisher:Raptor Research Foundation
Citation:J.Raptor Res.36(1):17-23
Abstract:On the basis of four sLu(lv skins from niuseitni collections and 37 live hircs from the island of Fucrieventura, we describe a new subspecies of the Egyptian \‘ulwre (Seof.’It’vn iJn’ri?npfrriss mnJornt3i3) from the Ganarv archipelago. Canarian Egyptian Vultures are significantiy larger tAan Western Europeaii and North African individuals. In achlition, sonic genetic dilTerentiation ma exist: anal)ses of the mi­ tochondrial DNA control region recealed that thcrc are haplotvprs excliiske to the Canary Islaitcis. The current population of Egyptian Vultures in the Canary Islands is 25—30 breeding pairs restricted to the islands of Fuertevenrura and Lanzarote, and this subspecies is thcrcfore endangered.
Publisher version (URL):http://elibrary.unm.edu/sora/jrr/v036n01/p00017-p00023.pdf
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