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Open Access item The biotechnological control of pitch in paper pulp manufacturing

Authors:Gutiérrez Suárez, Ana
Río Andrade, José Carlos del
Martínez Hernández, María Jesús
Martínez Ferrer, Ángel Tomás
Issue Date:2001
Citation:Trends in Biotechnology 19:340-348 (2001)
Abstract:At present, microbial and enzymatic preparations for the control of triglyceride-containing pitch deposits during the manufacture of mechanical and sulfite paper is commercially available. However, biotechnological products for pitch control in other pulping processes, such as alkaline pulping, are under development. These products include new fungi for the removal of steroids involved in pitch deposit formation in chlorine-free pulps, to be used as a biological pretreatment of wood before pulping. Simultaneously, tailor-made enzymes are being produced using protein-engineering techniques, enabling the specific removal of pitch contaminant compounds from paper pulp.
Description:9 páginas, 2 tablas, 4 gráficos, 1 esquema. E-mail address: anagu@irnase.csic.es (A. Gutiérrez)
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