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Open Access item Lipophilic extractives from Eucalyptus globulus pulp during kraft cooking followed by TCF and ECF bleaching

Authors:Gutiérrez Suárez, Ana
Romero Sánchez, Javier
Río Andrade, José Carlos del
Keywords:Extractives, pitch, Eucalyptus globulus, pulp, kraft cooking, bleaching
Issue Date:2001
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter
Citation:Holzforschung 55:260-264 (2001)
Abstract:The chemical composition of lipophilic extractives in paper pulps from Eucalyptus globulus wood during kraft cooking followed by TCF (“totally chlorine free”) and ECF (“elemental chlorine free”) bleaching sequences has been determined by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The chemical analyses revealed that the composition of the lipophilic extractives in pulp after kraft cooking and TCF bleaching with hydrogen peroxide was similar to that of E. globulus wood extractives, sitosterol and sitosterol esters being the predominant compounds. In contrast, the presence of these compounds was almost negligible in pulp after ECF bleaching with chlorine dioxide and only the saturated sterol stigmastanol, in both free and esterified forms, survived the bleaching.
Description:E-mail address: delrio@irnase.csic.es (J.C. del Río)
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