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Open Access item Gamma ray detector with interaction depth coding

Authors:Benlloch Baviera, José María
Sánchez Martínez, Filomeno
Lerche, Christoph W.
Pavón Hernández, Noriel
Giménez Álvarez, Marcos
Giménez Navarro, Eva Nerina
Issue Date:18-Jan-2006
Citation:EP 1617237 (A1)
Abstract:Gamma ray detector characterised in that its structural elements are a continuous scintillator crystal, a position sensitive photodetector and associated electronics intended to calculate, in addition to the gamma ray energy in the position of its interaction in the crystal, the interaction depth in the crystal from the standard deviation of the scintillation light distribution. Said information may be obtained electronically, in analog form and therefore instantaneous, from the first three moments of the scintillation light distribution. A method for implementing said electronics by way of a network of resistances characterised for analog and simultaneous computation of the first and second distribution moments is also disclosed.
Description:Fecha de presentación internacional: 07.04.2004. - Titular: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). - Universidad de Valencia
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