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Open Access item A new subterranean Sincarid (Crustacea) from Spain: Iberobathynella imuniensis n. sp. (Bathynellacea, Parabathynellidae)

Authors:Camacho Pérez, Ana I.
Keywords:Iberobathynella, Bathynellacea, Iberobathynella imuniensis, Parabathynellidae, Spain, Crustacea
Issue Date:Nov-1987
Publisher:Schweizerbart science publishers
Citation:Archiv für Hydrobiologie 111 (1): 137-149.
Abstract:A new species of the genus Iberobathynella is described from Spain. All the samples have been collected in small puddles in an underground cave known as "Torca de los Morteros", Imunía, Burgos.
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