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closedAccess27-Jul-2014Thiosemicarbazonecopper(II) compounds with halide/hexafluorosilicate anions: Structure, water clusters, non-covalent interactions and magnetismGil-García, Rubén; Gómez-Sáiz, Patricia; Díez-Gómez, Virginia; Madariaga, Gotzon; Insausti, Maite; Lezama, Luis; Cuevas, José V.; García-Tojal, JavierArtículo
closedAccess2014Synthesis, characterization and oxide conduction in Ba doped apatite-type silicates Ca2La6Bi2(SiO4) 6O2Abbassi, Mohamed; Ternane, R.; Sobrados, Isabel; Madani, Adel; Trabelsi-Ayadi, M; Sanz Lázaro, JesúsArtículo
closedAccess27-Aug-2014Steel protection using sol-gel coatings in simulated concrete pore solution contaminated with chlorideCriado, M.; Sobrados, Isabel; Sanz Lázaro, Jesús; Bastidas Rull, José MaríaArtículo
closedAccess4-Aug-2014Influence of anionic vacancies on the conductivity of La 9.33Si6-xAlxO26-x/2 oxide conductors with an oxyapatite structureInoubli, A.; Kahlaoui, M.; Sobrados, Isabel; Chefi, S.; Madani, Adel; Sanz Lázaro, Jesús; Ben Haj Amara, A.Artículo
closedAccess19-Jun-2014Near constant loss regime in fast ionic conductors analyzed by impedance and NMR spectroscopiesBucheli, Wilmer; Arbi, Kamel; Sanz Lázaro, Jesús; Nuzhnyy, Dmitry; Kamba, Stanislav; Várez, A.; Jiménez, RicardoArtículo
openAccess13-May-2015Dielectric behavior of ceramic–graphene composites around the percolation thresholdFernández-García, L.; Suárez, M.; Menéndez, J. L.; Pecharromán, Carlos; Menéndez, Rosa; Santamaría Ramírez, RicardoArtículo
embargoedAccess14-Aug-2015A Raman spectroscopy study of steel corrosion products in activated fly ash mortar containing chloridesCriado, M.; Martínez-Ramírez, S.; Bastidas, J.M.Artículo
closedAccessApr-2015Morphology of the asymmetric iron–silicon interfacesBadía-Romano, L.; Rubín, Javier; Bartolomé, Fernando; Magen, C.; Bartolomé, Juan; Varnakov, S. N.; Ovchinnikov, S.; Rubio-Zuazo, J.; Castro, G. R.Artículo
openAccessJan-2015NMR study of Li distribution in Li7−xHxLa3Zr2O12 garnetsLarraz, Carmen; Orera, A.; Sanz Lázaro, Jesús; Sobrados, Isabel; Díez-Gómez, Virginia; Sanjuán, M. L.Artículo
closedAccessMar-2015Protein-templated biomimetic silica nanoparticlesFernández-Pacheco, Rodrigo; Pérez-Carvajal, Javier; Fuente, Jesús M. de la; Grazú, Valeria; Betancourt, LorenaArtículo
closedAccessMar-2015Synthesis and characterization of NaNiF3·3H2O: An unusual ordered variant of the ReO3 typeSanjuán, M. L.; Sobrados, Isabel; Sanz, Jesús; Kuhn, AloisArtículo
openAccess2014Substrate-sensitive mid-infrared photoresponse in grapheneFreitag, Marcus; Low, Tony; Martín-Moreno, Luis; Zhu, Wenjuan; Guinea, F.; Avouris, PhaedonArtículo
closedAccess2014Structural determination of Bi-doped magnetite multifunctional nanoparticles for contrast imagingLaguna-Marco, M. A.; Piquer, Cristina; Roca, A. G.; Boada, R.; Andrés-Vergés, Manuel; Veintemillas-Verdaguer, S.; Serna, C. J.; Iadecola, A.; Chaboy, JesúsArtículo
openAccess2014Plasmons and screening in monolayer and multilayer black phosphorusLow, Tony; Roldán, Rafael; Wang, Han; Xia, Fengnian; Avouris, Phaedon; Martín-Moreno, Luis; Guinea, F.Artículo
closedAccess2014Morphological and compositional study at the Si/Fe interface of (Fe/Si) multilayerBadía-Romano, L.; Rubín, Javier; Bartolomé, Fernando; Bartolomé, Juan; Ovchinnikov, S.; Varnakov, S. N.; Magen, C.; Rubio-Zuazo, J.; Castro, G. R.Artículo
closedAccess2013Coercivity dependence on periodicity of Co and Py antidot arraysCastán-Guerrero, C.; Bartolomé, Juan; Bartolomé, Fernando; García, L. M.; Sesé, J.; Strichovanec, Pavel; Herrero-Albillos, Julia; Merazzo, K. J.; Vázquez, M.; Vavassori, PaoloArtículo
closedAccess2012Ultrasmall iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications: Improving the colloidal and magnetic propertiesCosto, R.; Bello, V.; Robic, C.; Port, M.; Marco, J.F.; Puerto Morales, M.; Veintemillas-Verdaguer, S.Artículo
closedAccess2012Synthesis and surface modification of uniform MFe2O4 (M = Fe, Mn, and Co) nanoparticles with tunable sizes and functionalitiesCabrera, L.I.; Somoza, Á.; Marco, J.F.; Serna, C.J.; Puerto Morales, M.Artículo
openAccess2015Phase Transitions in Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics Monitored by the Resonance MethodPardo, Lorena; García, A.; Brebøl, Klaus; Mercadelli, Elisa; Galassi, CarmenArtículo
openAccess9-Mar-2015Monomolecular Skeletal Isomerization of 1‐Butene over Selective Zeolite CatalystsJo, Donghui; Hong, Suk Bong; Camblor, Miguel A.Artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1162
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