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Open Access item Polycarboxylate superplasticiser admixtures: effect on hydration, microstructure and rheological behaviour in cement pastes

Authors:Puertas, F.
Santos, H.
Palacios, M.
Martínez-Ramírez, Sagrario
Keywords:Polycarboxylate superplasticiser, effect on hydration
Issue Date:Apr-2005
Publisher:Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)
Citation:Advances in Cement Research 17(2): 77–89(2005)
Abstract:A study was conducted on the effect of a polycarboxylate (PC) admixture on the mechanical, mineralogical, microstructural and rheological behaviour of Portland cement pastes. It was observed that the presence of PC admixture retards the initial cement hydration reactions, although this effect may be offset by possible increased diffusion in later stages. Additionally, the PC admixtures produce a few alterations in the structure and composition of the formed C–S–H gel. The addition of 1% PC admixture in the pastes generates a higher percentage of silicate bridge (Si Q2 units) mainly at 2 days. The admixture used in this study induced microstructural modifications in the pastes which slightly reduced the porosity; however the admixture did not affect the mechanical strength of the pastes at either 2 or 28 days of hydration. Finally, from the results of the rheological studies it was concluded that a low dosage of PC led to a substantial reduction (over 70%) in the yield stress.
Publisher version (URL):http://alcala.ietcc.csic.es/fileadmin/Ficheros_IETcc/Departamentos/Sintesis/documentos/publicaciones/Puertas-Santos-Palacios-Ramirez-ACR____05.pdf
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