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Closed Access item Tau polarization at the Z peak from the acollinearity between both τ-decay products

Authors:Alemany-Fernández, R.
Rius, Nuria
Bernabéu, José
Gómez Cadenas, Juan José
Pich, Antonio
Issue Date:20-Jul-1992
Citation:Nuclear Physics B 379(1-2): 3-23 (1992)
Abstract:We discuss the possibility of measuring the τ-polarization distribution at the Z peak by studying the angular correlated distributions between the decay products of the τ-pairs. We give explicit formulae for the energy-energy correlation and for the acollinearity distribution of the decay products of the τ-pairs, for both the cross section and the forward-backward asymmetry, as a function of the τ-polarization and the Z-polarization. These distributions provide an independent method of measuring the τ-polarization, with a sensitivity comparable to the one that can be achieved by studying the energy spectrum of the produced pion in the decay τ → πντ, and possibly better systematic errors. This new technique thus offers the prospect to achieve an increased precision in the determination of the electroweak mixing angle.
Description:21 páginas, 4 figuras, 6 tablas.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0550-3213(92)90587-2
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