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Open Access item Non-leptonic kaon decays and the chiral anomaly

Authors:Ecker, Gerhard
Neufeld, Helmut
Pich, Antonio
Issue Date:31-Jan-1994
Citation:Nuclear Physics B 413(1-2): 321-352 (1994)
Abstract:An investigation is performed of all non-leptonic kaon decays sensitive to the chiral anomaly. Within the framework of chiral perturbation theory, there are two classes of anomalous amplitudes at O(p4): reducible and direct contributions. Only radiative transitions are affected by the anomaly. The phenomenology of the decays KL → π+π−γ and K+ → π+π0γ is studied in detail. Including the dominant contributions of O(p6), the experimentally observed dependence of he direct emission amplitude for KL → π+π−γ on the photon energy can be understood. A survey is made of the rare “anomalous” decays K → ππγγ and K → 3πγ (γ), including some numerical estimates.
Description:32 páginas, 3 figuras, 4 tablas.-- El PDF es el artículo publicado en el CERN en Junio de 1993.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0550-3213(94)90623-8
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