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openAccess2013XAS study of Mn, Fe and Cu as indicators of historical glass decayAbuín, M.; Serrano, A.; Chaboy, Jesús; García, M. A.; Carmona, N.
closedAccess2015Poly(ethylene oxide) functionalized polyimide-based microporous films to prevent bacterial adhesionMartínez-Gómez, A.; Alvarez, C.; Abajo, Javier de; Campo, Adolfo del; Cortajarena, Aitziber L.; Rodríguez-Hernández, Juan
closedAccess1999Sol-Gel Coatings on 316L Steel for Clinical ApplicationsGaliano, P.; Damborenea, Juan de; Pascual, M. J.; Duran, A.
openAccess2014On the origin of remanence enhancement in exchange-uncoupled CoFe2O4-based compositesQuesada, A.; Rubio-Marcos, F.; Marco, J.F.; Mompean, F.J.; García-Hernández, M.; Fernández, J.F.
closedAccess2012Low temperature study of micrometric powder of melted Fe50Mn10Al40 alloyZamora, L.E.; Pérez Alcazar, G.A.; Tabares, J.A.; Romero, J.J.; Martinez, A.; Gonzalez, J.M.; Palomares, F.J.; Marco, J.F.
closedAccess2013Evidence of magnetic dipolar interaction in micrometric powders of the Fe50Mn10Al40 system: Melted alloysPérez Alcázar, G.A.; Zamora, L.E.; Tabares, J.A.; Piamba, J.F.; González, J.M.; Greneche, J.M.; Martinez, A.; Romero, J.J.; Marco, J.F.
closedAccess2014ZrTiO4 materials obtained by spark plasma reaction-sinteringBorrell, Amparo; Salvador, M. D.; Rocha, Victoria G.; Fernández, Adolfo; Gómez, Andrés; López-López, E.; Moreno, Rodrigo
closedAccess2014Al2O3-3YTZP-graphene multilayers produced by tape casting and spark plasma sinteringRincón, Acacio; Moreno, Rodrigo; Chinelatto, Adriana S. A.; Gutiérrez-González, C. F.; Rayón, Emilio; Salvador, M. D.; Borrell, Amparo
closedAccess2013EPD and spark plasma sintering of bimodal alumina/titania concentrated suspensionsBorrell, Amparo; Salvador, M. D.; Rocha, Victoria G.; Fernández, Adolfo; Molina, Tamara; Moreno, Rodrigo
closedAccess2014TiO2/Eu3+ thin films with high photoluminescence emission prepared by electrophoretic deposition from nanoparticulate solsBorlaf, Mario; Colomer, María T.; Andrés, Alicia de; Cabello, Fátima; Serna, Rosalía; Moreno, Rodrigo
closedAccess2015Fabrication of hierarchical wrinkled morphologies through sequential UVO treatmentsRodríguez-Hernández, Juan; Campo, Adolfo del
closedAccess2014Versatile approach for the fabrication of functional wrinkled polymer surfacesPalacios-Cuesta, Marta; Liras, Marta; Campo, Adolfo del; García, Olga; Rodríguez-Hernández, Juan
closedAccess2014The green factor in European manufacturing: a case study of the Spanish ceramic tile industryGabaldón Estevan, Daniel; Criado Herrero, Emilio; Monfort, E.
closedAccess2014Formation of multigradient porous surfaces for selective bacterial entrapmentLeón, Alberto S. de; Campo, Adolfo; Cortajarena, Aitziber L.; Fernández-García, Marta; Muñoz-Bonilla, Alexandra; Rodríguez-Hernández, Juan
closedAccess2013Stress-induced buried waveguides in the 0.8CaSiO3-0.2Ca3(PO4)2 eutectic glass doped with Nd3+ ionsSola, D.; Martínez de Mendibil, J.; Vázquez de Aldana, J. R.; Lifante, G.; Balda, Rolindes; Aza Moya, Antonio H. de; Peña, P.; Fernández, Joaquín
openAccess2006Magnetic and microstructural analysis of palladium nanoparticles with different capping systemsLitrán, R.; Sampedro, B.; Rojas, T. Cristina; Multigner, M.; Sánchez-López, J.C.; Crespo, Patricia; López-Cartes, C.; García, Miguel Ángel; Hernando, Antonio; Fernández, A.
openAccess2000Laser spectroscopy of Nd3+ ions in GeO2-PbO-Bi2O3 glassesBalda, R.; Fernández, J.; Sanz, M.; Pablos, Ángel de; Fernández-Navarro, José María; Mugnier, J.
openAccess2009Disorder effect on the magnetic behavior of mechanically alloyed Fe1-x Alx (0.2≤x≤0.4)Zamora, L. E.; Pérez Alcázar, G. A.; Vélez, G.Y.; Betancur, Julio; Marco, José F.; Romero, J.J.; Martinez, A.; Palomares, F. Javier; González, Jesús María
openAccess1993Cr3+→Nd3+ energy transfer in fluorophosphate glass investigated by time-resolved laser spectroscopyBalda, R.; Fernández, J.; Pablos Pérez, Ángel de; Fernández Navarro, José María
closedAccess2014Tuning the pore composition by two simultaneous interfacial self-assembly processes: Breath figures and coffee stainDe León, A. S.; Del Campo, A.; Fernández-García, M.; Rodríguez-Hernández, Juan; Muñoz-Bonilla, Alexandra
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 618
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