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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2015Adaptación a la presencia de genes exógenos : Un comentario a dos trabajos recientes de Michener et al. 2014a,bBoto, Luis
openAccess2015Flood frequency analysis of historical flood data under stationary and non-stationary modellingMachado, María José; Botero, B. A.; López, J.; Francés, F.; Díez-Herrero, A.; Benito, Gerardo
openAccess26-Jan-2015Communal egg-laying in oviparous Zootoca vivipara louislantzi of the Central PyreneesPeñalver-Alcázar, Miguel; Romero-Diaz, Cristina; Fitze, Patrick S.
openAccess2015Population structure of three Psammodromus species in the Iberian PeninsulaHorreo, J. L.; Fitze, Patrick S.
closedAccessMay-2015Above the hoof: functional morphology of the fossil deer from Tegelen, the NetherlandsAlcalde Rincón, Gema María; van den Hoek Ostende, Lars W.
closedAccess2015Influence of species interactions on transpiration of Mediterranean tree species during a summer droughtGrossiord, Charlotte; Forner, Alicia; Gessler, Arthur; Granier, André; Pollastrini, Martina; Valladares Ros, Fernando; Bonal, Damien
closedAccess2015Definition of Microclimatic Conditions in a Karst Cavity: Rull Cave (Alicante, Spain)Pla, C.; Galiana-Merino, J.; Cuevas-González, J.; Andreu, J. M.; Cañaveras, J. C.; Cuezva, S.; Fernández Cortés, Ángel; García-Antón, E.; Sánchez Moral, Sergio; Benavente, D.
closedAccess2015Climate-Driven Changes on Storage and Sink of Carbon Dioxide in Subsurface Atmosphere of Karst TerrainsFernández-Cortés, A.; Cuezva, S.; García-Antón, E.; Álvarez-Gallego, M.; Benavente, D.; Calaforra, J. M.; Sánchez Moral, Sergio
openAccess2015Gall wasp community response to fragmentation of oak tree species: importance of fragment size and isolated treesMaldonado-López, Y.; Cuevas-Reyes, P.; Stone, G. N.; Nieves-Aldrey, J. L.; Oyama, K.
closedAccess2015Selection of nest site and nesting material in the Eurasian Nuthatch Sitta europaeaCantarero, Alejandro; López-Arrabé, Jimena; Moreno Klemming, Juan; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España)
closedAccessJan-1992Male-Biased Dispersal in the Great Bustard Otis tardaAlonso López, Juan C.; Alonso, Javier A.
closedAccess2015Allophanic and ferric root-associated stalactites: Biomineralization induced by microbial activity (Galeria da Queimada lava tube, Terceira, Azores)Daza, Raquel; Bustillo, Mª Ángeles
closedAccess2015Comparative flight morphology in queens of invasive and native Patagonian bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Bombus)Polidori, Carlo; Nieves-Aldrey, J. L.
closedAccess2010Integrative taxonomy of Malagasy treefrogs: combination of molecular genetics, bioacoustics and comparative morphology reveals twelve additional species of BoophisGlaw, Frank; Köhler; Riva, Ignacio de la; Vieites, David R.; Vence, Miguel
closedAccess2010Recovering phylogenetic signal from frog mating callsGoicoechea, Noemí; Riva, Ignacio de la; Padial, José M.
closedAccess2015Effects of climate, species interactions, and dispersal on decadal colonization and extinction rates of Iberian tree speciesGarcía-Valdés, Raúl; Gotelli, Nicholas J.; Zavala, Miguel A.; Purves, Drew W.; Araújo, Miguel B.
closedAccess2010Erosion of Lizard Diversity by Climate Change and Altered Thermal NichesSinervo, Barry; Riva, Ignacio de la
closedAccessFeb-2015New theropod remains from the Tiourarén Formation (?Middle Jurassic, Niger) and their bearing on the dental evolution in basal tetanuransSerrano-Martínez, Alejandro; Ortega, Francisco; Sciscio, Lara; Tent-Manclúse, Ënrique; Fierro Bandera, Ignacio; Knoll, Fabien
closedAccess30-Aug-2011Sexual dimorphism and interpopulation differences in lizard hind limb length: locomotor performance or chemical signalling?Iraeta, Pablo; Monasterio, Camila; Salvador Milla, Alfredo; Díaz, José A.
closedAccess2015Different intra‑ and interspecific facilitation mechanisms between two Mediterranean trees under a climate change scenarioGimeno, Teresa E.; Escudero, Adrián; Valladares Ros, Fernando
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1735
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