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Open Access item Rearrangements of Spirolactams

Authors:Noheda Marín, Pedro
Tabares Cantero, Nuria
Benito Arenas, Raúl
Hojas García Armada, Elena
Maroto Quintana, Sergio
Issue Date:24-Jan-2008
Citation:International Publication Number: WO 2008/009695 A1
Abstract:The present invention refers to a process for rearranging a spirolactam (I) under acidic conditions to yield an oxabicyclo [4.3.0] none (II) or (III) or a 1-aza-2oxaspiro derivative (IV). The present invention also refers said oxabicyclo [4.3.0] none and 1-aza-2oxaspiro derivatives
Description:Filing Date: 2007-07-18.-- Priority Data: EP 06380204.5 (2006-07-19)
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