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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2011Deterioro y estrategias de conservación de elementos metálicos de interés patrimonial de la estación de ferrocarril de AranjuezGarcía Heras, Manuel; Agua Martínez, Fernando; López, V.; Contreras, J.; Villegas Broncano, María Ángeles
openAccess2015Friction and wear behaviour of dual phase steels in discontinuous sliding contact conditions as a function of sliding speed and contact frequencyRuiz-Andres, M.; Conde, A.; Damborenea, Juan de; Garcia, I.
closedAccess2004EIS study of the corrosion behaviour of zinc-based coatings on steel in quiescent 3% NaCl solution. Part 2: Coatings covered with an inhibitor-containing lacquerBarranco, Violeta; Feliu Jr., S.; Feliu, S.
closedAccess2004EIS study of the corrosion behaviour of zinc-based coatings on steel in quiescent 3% NaCl solution. Part 1: Directly exposed coatingsBarranco, Violeta; Feliu Jr., S.; Feliu, S.
closedAccess2004Effect of the incorporation of chromating reagents in an acrylic lacquer applied on galvanised steel, galvanneal and galfan during the UVCON testFeliu Jr., S.; Barranco, Violeta
closedAccess2007Effect of La surface coatings on oxidation behavior of aluminum alloy/SiCp compositesPardo, A.; Merino, M. C.; Arrabal, R.; Feliu Jr., S.
closedAccess2005Corrosion behavior of cast aluminum matrix composites (A3xx.x/SiCp) in chloride mediaPardo, A.; Merino, M. C.; Viejo, F.; Feliu Jr., S.; Carboneras, M.; Arrabal, R.
closedAccess2004Contradictory results of the UVCON and saline immersion tests regarding the evaluation of some inhibitor/lacquer combinations on galvanised coatingsFeliu Jr., S.; Barranco, Violeta; Feliú, S.
closedAccess2004Comparative EIS and XPS studies of the protective character of thin lacquer films containing CR or P salts formed on galvanised steel, galvanneal and galfan substratesFeliu Jr., S.; Barranco, Violeta
closedAccess2007Characterisation of porous and barrier layers of anodic oxides on different aluminium alloysFeliu Jr., S.; González, J. A.; López, Víctor; Bartolomé, Mª. Jesús; Escudero, E.; Otero, Eduardo
closedAccess2009Steel corrosion behaviour in carbonated alkali-activated slag concreteAperador, W.; Mejía de Gutiérrez, R.; Bastidas, David M.
closedAccess2007Organic acid vapours and their effect on corrosion of copper: A reviewBastidas, David M.; La Iglesia, V. M.
closedAccess2007Interpretation of impedance data for porous electrodes and diffusion processesBastidas, David M.
closedAccess2008Electrochemical rehabilitation methods for reinforced concrete structures: Advantages and pitfallsBastidas, David M.; Cobo, A.; Otero, E.; González, J. A.
closedAccess2009Influence of conductivity on cathodic protection of reinforced alkali-activated slag mortar using the finite element methodMontoya, R.; Aperador, W; Bastidas, David M.
closedAccess1999Changes in cold sealed aluminum oxide films during ageingGonzález, J. A.; Feliu Jr., S.; Bautista, A.; Otero, E.; Feliu, S.
closedAccess1995A study of the abrasive wear in the polishing of polypropylene using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyCastle, J. E.; Feliu Jr., S.
closedAccess2015Super-hydrophobic nickel-cobalt alloy coating with micro-nano flower-like structureKhorsand, S.; Raeissi, K.; Ashrafizadeh, F.; Arenas, M. A.
closedAccess2013High melting point metals welding by concentrated solar energyRomero, A.; Garcia, I.; Arenas, M. A.; López, V.; Vázquez, Alfonso
closedAccess2014Formation of barrier-type anodic films on ZE41 magnesium alloy in a fluoride/glycerol electrolyteHernández-López, J. M.; Ně mcová, A.; Zhong, X.L.; Liu, H.; Arenas, M. A.; Haigh, S.J.; Burke, M.G.; Skeldon, P.; Thompson, G.E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1899
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