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closedAccess2015Use of room temperature ionic liquids for the selective fractionation of bioactive ketoses from aldosesCarrero-Carralero, Cipriano; Ruiz-Aceituno, Laura; Ramos, Lourdes; Sanz, M. Luz; Moreno, F. J.
openAccess2015Studies on modulation of gut microbiota by wine polyphenols: From isolated cultures to omic approachesDueñas, Montserrat; Cueva, Carolina; Muñoz-González, Irene; Jiménez-Girón, Ana; Sánchez-Patán, Fernando; Santos-Buelga, Celestino; Moreno-Arribas, M. Victoria; Bartolomé, Begoña
closedAccess2015Antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of pressurized liquid extracts from oenological woodsAlañón, María Elena; García-Ruiz, Almudena; Díaz-Maroto, M. C.; Pérez-Coello, María Soledad; Moreno-Arribas, M. Victoria
closedAccess2015Anti-inflammatory activity of the basolateral fraction of Caco-2 cells exposed to a rosemary supercritical extractArranz, Elena; Mes, J.; Wichers, Harry J.; Jaime, Laura; Mendiola, J. A.; Reglero, Guillermo; Santoyo, Susana
closedAccess2015Anti-inflammatory activity of rosemary extracts obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide enriched in carnosic acid and carnosolArranz, Elena; Jaime, Laura; García-Risco, Mónica R.; Fornari, Tiziana; Reglero, Guillermo; Santoyo, Susana
openAccess2015Caseinophosphopeptides released after tryptic hydrolysis versus simulated gastrointestinal digestion of a casein-derived by-productCruz-Huerta, Elvia; García-Nebot, María José; Miralles, Beatriz; Recio, Isidra; Amigo, Lourdes
closedAccess2015Clinical relevance of the differential expression of the glycosyltransferase gene GCNT3 in colon cancerGonzález-Vallinas, Margarita; Vargas, Teodoro; Moreno-Rubio, Juan; Molina, Susana; Reglero, Guillermo; Ramírez de Molina, Ana
closedAccess2015Comparative in vitro fermentations of cranberry and grape seed polyphenols with colonic microbiotaSánchez-Patán, Fernando; Barroso, Elvira; Wiele, Tom van de; Jiménez-Girón, Ana; Martín-Álvarez, Pedro J.; Moreno-Arribas, M. Victoria; Martínez-Cuesta, M. Carmen; Peláez, Carmen; Requena, Teresa; Bartolomé, Begoña
openAccess2015Copaifera langsdorffii supercritical fluid extraction: Chemical and functional characterization by LC/MS and in vitro assaysCosta-Machado, A. R. M.; Freitas, L. A. P. de; Mendiola, J. A.; Ibáñez, Elena
closedAccess2015Effect of processing of cow milk by high pressures under conditions up to 900MPa on the composition of neutral, polar lipids and fatty acidsRodríguez Alcalá, Luis M.; Castro-Gómez, Pilar; Felipe, Xavier; Noriega, L.; Fontecha, F. Javier
closedAccess2015Effect of short ageing on lees on the mannoprotein content, aromatic profile, and sensorial character of white winesJuega, M.; Carrascosa, Alfonso V.; Martínez-Rodríguez, Adolfo J.
closedAccess2015Effect of selenium-enriched Agaricus bisporus (higher basidiomycetes) extracts, obtained by pressurized water extraction, on the expression of cholesterol homeostasis related genes by low-density arrayGil-Ramírez, Alicia; Soler-Rivas, Cristina; Rodriguez-Casado, Arantxa; Ruiz-Rodríguez, Alejandro; Reglero, Guillermo; Marin, Francisco R.
closedAccess2015Faecal metabolomic fingerprint after moderate consumption of red wine by healthy subjectsJiménez-Girón, Ana; Ibáñez, Clara; Cifuentes, Alejandro; Simó, Carolina; Muñoz-González, Irene; Martín-Álvarez, Pedro J.; Bartolomé, Begoña; Moreno-Arribas, M. Victoria
closedAccess2015Identification and characterization of antioxidant peptides from chickpea protein hydrolysatesTorres-Fuentes, Cristina; Contreras, María del Mar; Recio, Isidra; Alaíz Barragán, Manuel; Vioque, Javier
closedAccess2015Green processes and sustainability: An overview on the extraction of high added-value products from seaweeds and microalgaeHerrero, Miguel; Ibáñez, Elena
openAccess2015Maternal antiasthma simplified herbal medicine intervention therapy prevents airway inflammation and modulates pulmonary innate immune responses in young offspring miceLópez-Expósito, Iván; Srivastava, K.; Birmingham, Neil; Castillo, Alexandra; Miller, Rachel L.; Li, Xiu-Min
openAccess2015Metabolomics of adherent mammalian cells by capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry: HT-29 cells as case studyIbáñez, Clara; Simó, Carolina; Valdés, Alberto; Campone, Luca; Piccinelli, Anna Lisa; García-Cañas, Virginia; Cifuentes, Alejandro
openAccess2015Milk proteins, peptides, and oligosaccharides: Effects against the 21st century disordersHsieh, Chia-Chien; Hernández-Ledesma, Blanca; Fernández-Tomé, Samuel; Weinborn, Valerie; Barile, Daniela; Leite Nobrega de Moura Bell, Juliana María
closedAccess2015Modulation of the activity and selectivity of the immobilized lipases by surfactants and solventsQuilles, J. C. J.; Aragon, Caio C.; Fernández-Lorente, Gloria; Guisán, José M.
closedAccess2015Novel biocompatible silver nanoparticles for controlling the growth of lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria in winesGarcía-Ruiz, Almudena; Rodríguez-Álfaro, M. P.; Martín-Álvarez, Pedro J.; Bartolomé, Begoña; Moreno-Arribas, M. Victoria
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 505
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