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Title: Interaction between domains in chromosomal protein HMG-1
Authors: Carballo, M., Puigdomènech, Pere, Tancredi, T., Palau, Jaume
Keywords: Circular dichroism
HMG proteins
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Topoisomerase I
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Abstract: Peptides corresponding to the N-terminal, central and central plus C-terminal domains of high mobility group protein HMG-1 from calf thymus have been isolated after digestion in solution with protease V8 under structuring conditions (0.35 M NaCl, pH 7.1). The effect of the interaction of these peptides with DNA on the topological properties of the nucleic acid has been studied and compared with the change in superhelicity produced by the whole protein. It appears that the region responsible for this effect is the central domain of HMG-1. The isolated N-terminal and central domains of this protein maintain their secondary and tertiary structure as observed by spectroscopic techniques. However, when the central domain is covalently linked only to the acidic C-terminal part of the molecule, its secondary and tertiary structures are lost as well as its property to alter DNA superhelicity. The results are discussed in relation to the interactions occurring between the different domains and the possible functional interactions of this protein.
Description: 7 pages, 7 figures, 1 table.-- PMID: 6086312 [PubMed].-- PMCID: PMC557506.
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ISSN: 0261-4189
Citation: EMBO Journal 3(6):1255-1261 (1984)
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