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Open Access item Action evaluation for mobile robot global localization in cooperative environments

Authors:Corominas Murtra, Andreu
Mirats-Tur, Josep M.
Sanfeliu, Alberto
Keywords:Global localization, Active, Cooperative, Network robot system, Automation, Multi-robot systems
Issue Date:2008
Citation:Robotics and Autonomous Systems 56(10): 807-818 (2008)
Abstract:This work is about solving the global localization issue for mobile robots, operating in large and cooperative environments. It tackles the problem of estimating the pose of a robot, or team of robots in a map reference frame, given the map, the real-time data from the robot onboard sensors, and the real-time data coming from other robots or sensors in the environment. After a first step of position hypotheses generation, an efficient probabilistic active strategy selects an action, for a single lost robot case, or two joint actions when two lost robots are in a line of sight, so that the hypotheses set is best disambiguated. The action set is adapted to the multi-hypothesis situation, and action evaluation takes into account remote observations available in robot network systems. This paper presents the theoretical formulation for both non-cooperative, and cooperative cases. An implementation of the proposed strategy is discussed, and simulation results presented.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.robot.2008.06.009
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